Each individual has seven powerful energy facilities located at key points inside their body. These metaphysical vortexes are each connected to certain senses, components, organ systems, nerve groupings, endocrine system, emotion and color; and keeping a balance in the flow of energies is essential to overall health. There are numerous chakra balancing strategies to attend obstructions and run chakra healing.

Energy centers

The primary energy center is The Root, which is situated in the groin region, linked to the adrenal glands, reproductive system, spine, blood circulation, sense of smell and the element of earth. Signs of an imbalance include being too stressed, fearful, or codependent, experiencing regular cramps, or having a propensity to feel insecure, materialistic, disconnected, exhausted, or restless.

Physical activity, such as hatha , aromatherapy and gemstone assisted meditations are among the more effective methods of healing imbalances. The Sacral is based within the lower abdomen and is connected to a person’s sense of taste, the water component, together with the reproductive glands and organs. Imbalance signals include lower back pain, infertility, impotence, kidneys or urinary tract issues, either an overabundance or absence of emotions, and very low self-esteem.

Good to know

Best healing methods involve aquatic exercises, Tantric yoga, and eating juicy fruits such as oranges and mangoes. The Solar Plexus is put in the gut, with a link to sight, the central , digestion, , the liver and pancreas, and the element of fire. When something isn’t balanced, an individual may experience intense aggression or passiveness, digestive problems, nerve pain, gastrointestinal problems, organ infection, and respiration troubles.

Breathing exercises, sunlight exposure, and visual remedies such as mandalas, are highly effective with this center. The Heart vortex is closely connected with air, touch senses, the immune system, thymus gland, chest organs, arms and hands. Improper balance may leave one emotionally distant and cold, or clingy and over-accommodating. One might physically encounter circulation problems, cardiac problems, stiffness, and an elevated risk of cancer. The best ways to level this energy is through touch – human contact like hugging – since it’s extremely powerful.

Take into account

Hearing and sound are influenced by the Throat centre, which can be connected to the shoulders, thyroid, mouth and ears. Problems in this area are generally shown as hoarseness, loss of voice, earaches and infections, thyroidal problems, and TMJ. One may also become extremely introverted or too verbal, irritable or condescending. Sounds, like mantras, chants, bowl resonance, or calming tunes are beneficial healers. In the forehead lies the Third Eye – gateway to one’s Sixth Sense, sensitive to the element of light and affecting the pituitary gland, biorhythms, skull, and eyes.

Physically, when off-balance, an individual may experience problems with their vision, frequent or migraines, seizures, , or migraines. Emotionally, they may become unfocused, closed minded, cynical, or lose touch with reality. This is the dream centre so meditation or visualization boards can be helpful. Finally comes the Crown, situated above the head and a middle of pure consciousness, connected to the nervous system, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, brain, pineal and pituitary glands. One might become a religious addict, or be completely void of leadership when it’s not in healthy equilibrium. It can cause , confusion, and many different neurological or psychological disorders. Only deep meditations is needed to set it directly.