Studies have shown that lots of folks who get regular massage, notice that it provides many great health benefits that keep on giving even between massage sessions. Considered a luxury before, massage therapy has become a huge part of private healthcare. Health professionals of all types today advocate regular massage as an improvement and addition to the medical care regimen.

High blood pressure

Or hypertensionm is when the blood moves through the arteries at a higher pressure than normal, which may result in stroke, heart attack, heart failure or . Regular massage can help to combat the effects of stress, a top contributor to high blood pressure, helping to reduce blood pressure and take care of the body’s natural sense of wellness. Studies have shown that regular massage can help you to regulate health problems like hypertension, together with adhering to a medical or dietary regimen prescribed by your physician.

Massage reduces hypertension, since it stimulates pressure receptors which prompt action from the vagus nerve, one of the nerves which emerges from the mind. The vagus nerve regulates blood pressure, in addition to other functions. In a 2005 study in the University of South Florida, hypertension patients who received 10 massages of 10 minutes per more than three months showed significant improvements in blood pressure compared to a control group who just rested in exactly the exact same environment with no massage.

Want to relax?

Massage therapy is a superb place to start. The ability of massage to promote relaxation to its recipient stems from its impact on some of the called the parasympathetic nervous system. The long, soothing strokes of massage provides a message to nerves on the ’s surface and relays the message that all is well. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system that enables the body to relax. The heart rate decreases, blood pressure decreases and the stress hormones are diminished.

In today’s modern, stressful lifestyle, the body is in a fright or flight mode. This constant reactive state requires a toll on our bodies for the long haul. Our bodies weren’t meant to remain within this stress related, prepared to behave manner, but living in contemporary times sends a constant message to the nervous system to maintain the body in the fight or flight mode. The relaxation which massage brings into the body is a much needed break from always being in this stressful condition.


Regular massage can help diminish the effects that stress has on the body by lowering the stress related hormones that released in the stressed condition. Too many stress related hormones in the blood stream for extended periods of time may result in a lot of health problems like insomnia, , obesity, diabetes, and increased rate of aging. One of these hormones, cortisol may reduce the efficacy of the , the digestive tract, the reproductive system and development processes.

Cortisol also controls mood, motivation, anxiety, and increases the quantity of sugar or glucose in the bloodstream. Increase in blood glucose can promote , cravings, in addition to diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels. Many who get regular massage, note that it has a number of psychological benefits that keep on giving even between massage sessions. A rise in mood, reduction in stress, and pain levels occur because of the increase in serotonin levels and other feel good endorphin levels. Studies have shown these levels to soar and stay elevated between weekly and monthly massage sessions.

This effect can function to improve any other remedies, including therapies and drugs, your Doctor has prescribed for you to assist in achieving your overall targets. Studies have also proved that massage on a regular basis increases one’s immunity by stimulating the lymphatic system and helping to purify the cells which fight infection, so they are more likely to get into the source and stop or help fight off the invader. That’s a wonderful benefit for those people who can not afford to miss work or have families that need us 24/7.

Take into account

Infants, children, adults of all ages can benefit from regular massage because the immune system is promoted by increasing flow of and disease fighting cells within lymph nodes. For those people who feel”puffy” during certain times of the month, massage can help with decreased swelling due to increase in circulation and venous return, which then allow the kidneys to rid the body of excess fluid. A knowledgeable massage therapist may carry out an assessment of your position and form a plan of care to work on muscles causing postural issues to increase your overall posture.

When posture is perfect you may look, feel and function at your best. Massage also benefits and hydrates the skin and offers you a healthy glow from increased flow to the skin layers, making you feel and look much better. Studies conducted on benefits of massage to the elderly have shown a substantial reduction in drops when massage therapy is obtained on a regular basis. Posture, muscle strength, daily function in addition to equilibrium is improved overall. This is quite beneficial to the aging people who will more easily sustain fractures in addition to other threatening injuries from a simple fall.


Any fall could place an elderly person back in all aspects of functioning because of period and the demand for bedrest for healing, which then will reduce overall strength and functioning. Prevention is the key here folks! Prevent falls with regular massage sessions that will keep you well, safe, and working at your best. Live life on your Golden Years rather than watching it pass you by! There are numerous benefits of getting regular massages, and you do not necessarily require a full hour massage every time, thus making it very inexpensive. Studies reveal it is the regularity of getting a massage which is more valuable, not the duration of sessions. A knowledgeable therapist can help you in choosing what is ideal for you, according to your requirements, budget, and schedule.