One of my favourite things to do is to laugh. I just how it feels to experience that apparently uncontrollable belly laugh which jars the body along with the machine and feeds my soul. It doesn’t matter exactly what causes it. It just feels really delicious and there’s no better psychological release, occasionally, than unabashed .


Did You Have Your Daily Dose of Laughter? Take notice, do you end up laughing frequently, or is it a rare occurrence? If laughter is rare, what may be standing in the way of your bliss, or the ability to locate lightness in adventures? We’ve talked before how tears are necessary and also an amazing and important means of releasing , anxiety, or .

Laughter might be equally as important as a means of releasing debilitating emotions. Our bodies might even crave bliss, even if we aren’t aware of it. I feel blessed to have beings in my that just make me laugh. I do believe I have manifested this for myself because laughter is so important to me.

If laughter is important to us, it means that we might want to surround ourselves with people and experiences which enable us to laugh. I do like to share deeply with those in my life and alike like to laugh together. This for me creates equilibrium. Just allowing ourselves to feel the , the silliness, the playfulness, and the levity in our adventures.

If bouts of spontaneous laughter are few and far between, it may be valuable to be aware of what we do find funny in everyday experiences. Or does life feel so severe that we haven’t found room for silliness, playfulness, or comedy? If we don’t understand how to organically tap into our inner playful self, there are ways that we can explore what might enable us to laugh. Only we could identify what we find funny. If we don’t understand what makes us laugh, we could take a while to connect and explore potential things that might help to bring out our bliss. If laughter never came naturally, we may have to do a little investigating to locate our funny .