Why do some people always have health difficulties? Is it normal to always be sick simply because one is aging? What is normal? Why are elders in different nations healthier than Americans? Are there other methods to prevent sickness? Do I need to reside in pain for the rest of my life? Why do I always get sick this time of the year? It looks like I get sick when things are going well for me. Is there a metaphor behind a health ailment?

What is happening?

Most of the time our bodies will give us a fair warning that we will need to slow down. Catching the frequent cold or undergoing a headache might be our first warning. We treat it like a false alarm – pop a few pills, and go on with our lives like we were invincible. Some will argue that their illness happened overnight or out of the blue. While this could be true for some, the majority of us live our lives with inevitable tension and compromise our immune systems so we’re more vulnerable to illness and diseases.

Many people would visit the doctor frequently rather than analyze their diet, stressload or emotional make-up. There are a whole lot of us who are always ill and will blame our parent’s genetic coding for our . Understanding, accepting, and being accountable for our own health are the only ways to control our own mortality and wellness.

Take into account

By honestly examining our lives, emotions, and mind minutely can help us identify alternative solutions for preventative care. It’s been reported that 70% to 80% of all illnesses seen in medical offices are brought on by anxiety or made worse by anxiety. High blood , anxiety, panic, depression, ulcer and other gastrointestinal ailments, headaches are well known even to the medical profession.

However, many illnesses, which can be stress-related ailments, aren’t considered by the medical profession to be related to anxiety. Illnesses and conditions like recurrent colds and ’s, bronchitis, allergies, cancer, diabetes, asthma, disorders, multiple sclerosis, injuries, accidents, syndrome, low back pain, neck pain, stomach pain, recurrent vaginal infections, bladder infections, alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking combined with a number of other illnesses and ailments which we don’t have room to mention tend to be directly or indirectly linked to stress.

Final note

If we have the capability to wear ourselves out and create illness, do we have the capacity to reverse the procedure into health? Every cell in our bodies is both structurally and functionally related to each other cell in our bodies. Similarly, all our ideas, beliefs, fears, and fantasies are connected inside the structure and function of our mind. Emotional experiences, emotional choices, and individual attitudes not only impact the functioning of the human organism, but also strongly influence the ways it’s shaped, structured and acts.

This isn’t to say that heredity, physical activity, , and environment don’t affect the mind/body; they definitely do. Rather, we’re suggesting that when these forces are merged in the creation of a human being, the force of this conscious human psyche appears to be the very formatively effective of all. In conjunction with appropriate and food, one needs to change one’s attitudes for mind/body recovery to happen. One should know how one works from the inside out. The brain is working and incorporating new experiences everyday, every moment, and every second during sleep or waking. Researchers are now able to link external influences into the biological change in your mental and physical condition. Approximately 90% of all genes have been engaged in self-regulatory, adaptive reactions in collaboration with signs from the environment. Our bodies include the best pharmaceuticals.