Today I will share with you some of the significant kiwi advantages and what this fruit really can do to somebody. If you had to guess which country do you think has found that the most herbal remedies? From green tea even kiwi fruits were first found in China. By the mid 1800’s it started to grow in different countries and some folks called it the Chinese gooseberry.

Good to know

Apart from its yummy taste that a lot of folks like this little fruit can definitely offer some health benefits. One of the benefits which you might be surprised to learn about is it may help somebody with sleep. Most of us live quite stressful lives with the work we’re juggling, technology and the 24 hour news cycle. 22 women and two men who suffered from sleeping difficulties engaged in a research at Taiwan’s Taipei Medical University.

The patients consumed just two kiwifruits 1 hour before bed for 4 months and the results were quite positive. Next up Kiwi fruit can actually repair damage. The DNA of a individual is the blueprint for human life. When DNA becomes damaged it may weaken organs, cause cavities, possibly even and is a huge cause of dying of natural causes. By actually fixing DNA, people can slow the degeneration of health and empower a person to live longer. The University of Oslo did a study involving 6 men and 6 women. Half of those participates received no kiwifruits and another group received 1 kiwifruit to 30 kg of the weight.


Scientists gave the test patients peroxide to cause damage to their cells. The group of patients who have kiwis showed an improved ability of the DNA to fix itself. This protective attempt also lasted 24 hours. If this was not enough this fruit helps the heart and cardiovascular system. The Institute of and Health Science at Taiwan did a study involving 12 men and 30 women with elevated . For 2 weeks they had been asked to eat 2 kiwi fruits per day. The end result was that there was an increase in HDL cholesterol, that is the great type that unclogs arteries. There was also a reduction in LDL cholesterol, that’s the unhealthy kind. More good news is that kiwis can assist with , care, it may lower blood pressure, help with constipation, eyesight as well as the . Apart from eating the fruit you could also take a nutritional supplement.