The 2005 Nobel Prize for or was given to Australians Barry J. Marshall and Robin Warren, for demonstrating that gut and intestinal ulcersare due to bacterial as opposed to . Their discovery, made in 1982, transformed peptic ulcer from a chronic and disabling illness to a readily treatable one.

They found that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is the most frequent cause of ulcers, an assertionthat went against the prevailing thought in the medical community at the moment. Their discovery started a large-scale reassessment of the causes of other chronic inflammatory diseases, such as Crohn’s , ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid , and atherosclerosis.

Dr. Mercola’s Comment:When I read the headline for this article in USA Today (“2 Austalians Win Nobel Prize in Medicine”), I understood Dr. Marshall was among the winners without even needing to read this story. I’ve written about his book therapy previously on the Web website. Congratulations are in order to him for going against the grain and turning the medical world upside down 23 years back. I remember VERY clearly in 1983 when I first read his fascinating work in Lancet and began placing many patients on his protocol with remarkable success.


I also recall equally clearly the awesome resistance by each and every GI expert I understood. All of them dismissed the”concept” and said it was full of crap. It was very apparent to me back then even though I was a brand new doctor, I knew my specialist teachers were wrong. Time has shown that to be true. Similarly, it’s even MORE obvious that almost all of conventional medicine is dead wrong on how most disease functions. They are virtually 100-percentclueless regarding the real cause of disease.

Only this time I will not have to sit back and await the Nobel Committee to confirm my opinion. I am taking a much more proactive role and my main passion and mission in life is to catalyze the transformation of healthcare in the United Statesto one that enjoys and works on the foundational truths of wellness. And you and I both know that doesn’t involve using drugs and as the first alternative.

Final note

Despite the fact that his strategy on peptic ulcers was much closer to the ideal manner than using H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium (whichis one of the WORST approaches for nausea ), he did not get it completely perfect. Although it’s apparent that H. pylori bacteria play a significant role in ulcers, the foundational and primary reason why most men and women acquire ulcers is they have an impairment in their that allows the H. pylori infection to take hold.  So while I used the Marshall antibiotic protocol 20 years ago to look after ulcers, I left it over10 years ago in favor of optimizing food choicesand effective toolsto address the underlying psychological pressures that temporarily fall the average person’s immune system and make them vulnerable to all sorts of infections. Although antibiotics work, they rarely address the root cause of the problem. It makes a lot more sense to use the approach that I describe above, because it is cheap, virtually side-effect free and, most of all, addresses the root cause of the issue.