Many people don’t understand that zinc is a very beneficial mineral in regards to immune system health. Getting the recommended daily allowance for zinc can boost your immune defense system in several distinct ways. Here are some common questions concerning zinc and also how it relates to immune function.

Take Note

  • What is zinc? Zinc is really a metallic chemical element. It’s the 24t most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Humans typically consume it in its own follow form.
  • How can people consume zinc, not get sick? The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for zinc is just 11 mg per day for adult men, 8 mg per day for adult females. For perspective, a cent is 2,500 milligrams (mg). So you can either consume .0032 zinc pennies per day to get your RDA, or locate a source in your daily .
  • What does zinc do in your body? Zinc plays many different functions within the body. It’s vital for protein synthesis and modulates immune cell production. Zinc functions as a catalyst in chemical reactions for almost 100 unique enzymes. Additionally, it plays a role in immune immunity, digestion, reproduction, physical development, diabetes management, appetite, level, taste and odor.
  • It sounds important! Where do I get zinc? You’re probably already getting some zinc in your diet. Foods high in protein, such as red meats and poultry, provide you with a fantastic amount of zinc. Also, beans, lentils, peanuts, seeds, and whole grains are good sources of zinc. You can even get it out of your breakfast cereals, should you search for whole grain or fortified cereals. You may even get zinc from vitamins which especially have zinc in them, in addition to many immune system health solutions.
  • What can I expect if I’m getting enough zinc? Your immune system will be producing the ideal quantity of white blood cells and those cells will be better able to recognize and destroy antigens. Zinc also helps the immune defense mechanisms keep infections out, so scratches and abrasions can heal faster with a zinc-sufficient diet.
  • Can I overdo my zinc intake? Yes, if you’re receiving too much zinc in your diet, it may actually impair immune system functions. Surveys reveal that 300 mg or more will interfere with the immune system, however the suggested limit is 40 mg each day for a normal adult.


Hopefully this can allow you to recognize how significant zinc would be to your body and you can be certain you’re getting it regularly! Having a healthy immune system is a crucial part of general health and well-being. 365 days per year.