There’s not any easy answer to this question. There are a variety of things that could be what causes health problems to the immune system. Immune system defense mechanisms can be weakened by a plethora of factors. Here we look at how the immune system works and a number of the problems that can cause a compromised immune system. The first immune system defense that germs and other invaders encounter is the epidermis.

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The includes keratin (which inhibits bacterial growth) and the sebaceous glands, from which hairs grow and sebum is secreted. Sebum consists of fatty acids and inhibits the growth of several kinds of fungi and . If the skin is healthy and good health habits are clinics, like washing hands before touching the face, then many invaders can not enter the body proper.

Certain viruses, germs, bacteria and parasites are airborne, but there’s an immune system defense built to the lungs and upper respiratory tract to combat them. Cilia (tiny hairs) lining the nose, throat and lungs can trap and help expel foreign bodies through coughing and sneezing. Cigarette smoking can be exactly what causes health problems into the immune system, since the nicotine paralyzes these very small hairs allowing bacteria or germs to stay in the respiratory tract more than they ought to.

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Cigarette smoking also inhibits the body’s ability to absorb and other essential nutrients. C plays numerous roles in proper immune system function. White blood cells are the principal disease fighters in the immune system defense mechanisms. Any disease, illness or compound which affects the body’s ability to generate adequate white blood cells may be exactly what causes health problems to the immune system.

Additionally lack of proper nourishment essential for the body to make white blood cells may result in immune system issues. Diseases which may cause a compromised immune system include HIV/ and a range of congenital abnormalities that are related to the lymph nodes and other portions of the immune system defense mechanisms. Treating these diseases might not always cause the healthy function of the immune system.

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In other instances, the treatment of several diseases contributes to a compromised immune system. Rheumatoid , lupus, Crohn’s disease and numerous different diseases are theoretically due to a dysfunction of the immune system, where white blood cells attack healthy disease-free cells of the body resulting in inflammation. Treating these ailments with immuno-suppressant medication is what causes health problems to the immune system sometimes. These medications restrict the body’s natural ability to fight disease.

Anti-cancer medications, corticosteroids and antibiotics may all lead to an overall form of immune system defense mechanisms. Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, exposure to radiation or environmental toxins can be exactly what causes health problems to the immune system. If health issues of the immune system is defined as a weakened immune system reaction, then some of the things mentioned here might be the reason.

Final note

Additionally, studies have shown that , depression, age, lack of sleep, lack of exercise or excessive exercise can impair the body’s natural ability to defend itself. There are natural products that have been demonstrated to enhance the immune system, even in situations where the immune system defense mechanisms are compromised by some of the problems listed below. These products may include beta glucans, andrographis paniculata or many different other ingredients.