I’m not here to convince you or push you. Take the time to actually read over everything. It’s time well spent. Toxins! What are they anyway? Toxins are chemicals and toxins placed in toiletries and products we use everyday. Chemicals like formaldehyde and dioxins are utilised to clean and sanitize our houses. They’re disbursed from the air we breathe and absorbed into our .

Immune system

These chemicals and toxins weaken our immune system, which slows our bodies’ ability to fight off germs. It takes longer for your body to fight off a cold. It’s convenient to just grab it off the shelf without thinking. We’re creatures of habit. We do what our parents have done before. We accept and trust what’s on the shelves of our local shops. We think the products are safe. We are under the assumption that the government is protecting us against these dangerous products, when in fact – they aren’t.

In the past twenty years, the building of”tight” energy-efficient buildings has resulted in a sharp decrease in the quantity of fresh air in our homes, offices and schools. In these same two years, our buildings have been filling up with fumes from paints, stains, furniture, cleaning products, and other substances, and the results are startling. 2-5 times more polluted than the air just outside its walls. One five-year study revealed that the levels of specific chemicals in several homes were 70 times greater than they were outside.


Another study analyzing indoor air quality in six cities found that peak concentrations of 20 toxic chemicals were a remarkable 200-500 times greater inside than the greatest concentrations recorded outside. Did you know our homes contain more toxins and toxic substances than a typical chemistry lab at the turn of this century? This is based on Dr. George Grant, Toxicologist/Analytical. Chemical labs have rigorous health and safety codes as dictated by legislation.

The products you buy in the shop don’t have any guidelines or limitations on use or disposal. The New York Poison control study that indicated the bad labeling makes it very tricky for them to prescribe therapy in accidentally poisonings. It’s in our air, water and ground system. Since WWII more than 72,000 synthetic chemicals have been produced and less than 2% have been tested for toxicity, mutagenic and carcinogenic () effects or birth defects.

Take into account

When you do the math it is only 1,440 chemicals which were tested compared to over 72,000 produced. In actuality, thousands of NEW compounds make it in the consumer market annually which are inadequately analyzed for long term hazardous effect on human health. That’s over 70,000 chemicals and much more pouring in every year, we don’t have any clue what their impact might be on our long term health. These are products we slather on our skin, clean our houses with and use everyday without another thought.

We take over 24,000 breathes daily. All of us know about pollution from the atmosphere, but return to our earlier thought on toxic levels in the house, were you aware that the atmosphere in your home can be up to 200% worse? Read the very small print on the back of the container. These pesticide or antibacterial chemical active ingredients, that are placed in those bactericide sprays, were initially formulated to be used ONLY outside where they could naturally dissipate through sunlight, water and air procedure.


When used inside the house, the pesticides in these products are measured to have amounts of 205 times their initial application level by toxicologists who evaluate toxic levels in home locations. Children and babies crawling and playing on the ground are the most at risk for those poisons getting in their small bodies, because pound for pound, they consume far greater than an with their rapid breathing rate and high (growth) metabolic rates! These high degree toxins get into their systems easily through the mouth, lungs and skin. Some people spend 90 percent of our time in our houses. You will find far more colds, allergies, viruses and issues to tend with. As time passes, the immune system reaction gets more endangered, and then severe long term illnesses appear. Email me and alter your shop now. I look forward to helping you clean your home surroundings.