Recent university study programs provide us with new discoveries in glycoscience. Receptor sites have different functions in cell to cell . Corrupted signs from CD81 receptors operate with CD38 receptors (both on cell surface) to function as key culprits to disperse tumors. CD81 and CD38 signals aren’t only teaching cells to metastasize however, are actually training the cancer cells by suppling some mobile body parts.

Did you know?

This is the first report that suggests cancer cell action is somewhat like that of a when it asks another cell to supply its to replicate another virus. A recent study concerning this terrible information appeared in the journal Cell. Why would “normal cells” collaborate to spread cancer? When normal cells are really healthy, the body has a excellent immune system which summons macrophages and killer T-cells into the battle front to accept the cancer cells head on.

When normal cells aren’t healthy, their communication gets corrupted. Healthy cells communicate a clear message via a nicely modulated immune system into the macrophage for security. That security system summons help to kill the enemy, fix the damage, and carry out the trash. When the immune system is weak, it’s not able to defend cells. When the immune system is over-stimulated, an auto-immune system may prevail in which the cells turn on themselves.

Let’s see…

Scientist are learning that glycoprotein receptor sites (CD81 instance ) contain enormous amounts of data, not just a few words, but a group of instructions. The normal cells and the cancer cells participate in a dialogue. CD38 is involved in apoptosis (programming a cell to die instead of split ) and must function as a co-receptor to induce signaling within the cell. CD38 is known to be related to T-killer cells. The message ought to be,”Kill the cancer cell.” Instead, the directions may be,”Kill the (blank) cell.”

The corrupted message spreads quicker than truth where the innocent are blamed and the”normal” are ruined. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston studied CD81 and managed to decrease its own expression. While this is remarkable science, we should do all we can to create the cells fitter and proliferate glycoprotein receptor sites which we’ve discovered reduces and triggers growth of stem cells that are designed to repair damage. Healthy receptors result in healthy cells and healthy cells result in a healthy body.

Final note

Coming to mainstream health diagnostics is the way of tracking glycoprotein receptor sites on the surface of cells. Most FDA-approved cancer biomarkers are already glycoproteins. Classical studies have sought ways to kill or prevent cancer cells. Researchers think it to inhibit CD81 signals might be the new pathway for cancer therapy. Now, with the new found CD81 knowledge, billions will be spent on research and development of new drugs in a bid to silence the CD81 receptors. Turning off CD81 so that it won’t send bad signals, may also silence it from sending great signs. Why not research how to teach CD81 to send the right signals rather than corrupted signals? I believe we understand how to program the CD81 receptors to send the right signals rather than corrupted signals. Somebody give us a grant to fix the CD81 signs and perhaps together we can change the world.