When you compare to , both provide numerous similar advantages, one must wonder why anyone wouldn’t be doing one or the other. There are only so many ways that both walking and running are beneficial to our health that it simply makes sense to make a portion of a person’s daily activities. There are great reasons one might prefer walking over jogging.

Let’s see…

Additionally, there are good reasons to choose to be a runner, or a jogger, which is usually regarded as slower than running, but quicker than walking. If you’re exercising for weight loss, one factor to think about is that walkers do have to walk further than runners run so as to the same amount of calories. Benefits from walking and running are many. There’s a reduced risk of , may be a drop in cholesterol, a decrease risk of , and a decreased chance of developing coronary artery disease.

Walking and running helps your muscles by increasing bone density, and preventing both bone and muscle loss. Either walking or running can strengthen the , lower disease risk, keep your weight in check, help prevent , tone the arms and legs, give you energy, and make you happy. Running keeps the elasticity of arteries, since when you run, your arteries expand and contract almost 3 times more than normal. Running raises the HDL or good cholesterol, lowers the risk of blood clots, and promotes the use of this fifty percent of your lungs which normally aren’t used.

Running boosts the immune system, relieves , and reduces the chance of and breast cancer. Some people may decide to walk rather than run because of some sort of leg or knee . While running generally won’t cause arthritis, in case you already have arthritis or endure some sort of pain, running can make it worse. Being obese could make running harder in your joints, also.

For every pound that a person weighs, when running it’s like putting another four pounds in your joints. Otherwise, for a 100 pound person, it places 400 pounds on the knees when running. Running is a weight-bearing workout and will help prevent osteoporosis and osteo arthritis. Repetitive weight-bearing and movement are in fact great for the joints. If you haven’t been a runner or a walker, don’t forget the rule, you do not need to go”too far too fast too soon.” Work up to your distance and pace. You just might be amazed about how great you can feel after a vigorous work-out!