Tomatoes are made from water and vital biological substances. The tomato is a plant belonging to the Solanaceae or nightshade family, native to Central and South America, from Mexico to Peru. Because tomatoes are low in calories, they are considered an excellent and nutritional sort of food for people who wish to follow a plan.


Having high vitamin C levels which help the body increase naturally its immune system, tomatoes have evolved to become one of the most loved vegetables used in meal preparation globally. In actuality, the daily ingestion of 2 berries provides the human anatomy with 2/3 of the necessary vitamin C.

Moreover, since berries have abundance folic acid, which is deemed necessary by specialists from the reconstruction and recovery of human body cells, they’re among the healthier snacks a patient may consume. Specifically, the ones that receive any type of medication therapy, drink plenty of alcohol, or eat a whole lot of meat, as well as pregnant women or the elderly, need to consume folic acid and so it’s deemed essential to eat plenty of tomatoes. This “miracle plant” contains also , which helps fertility and aids in maintaining a balanced sex life.

Additionally, it’s a excellent refuge of different vitamins from the vitamin B group, which help the human metabolism operate smoothly and develops a powerful neural network. Additionally, it contains selenium, which belongs to the chemical compounds that prevent certain kinds of , while it plays an extremely important role for the human immune system.

The amount of potassium found in berries protects the human heart and the it contains helps the organism overcome the symptoms of anxiety and muscular cramps. Tomatoes are also a superb source of iron, copper and . Recent studies have concluded that the adequate and regular tomato intake can actually lower the chance of developing cancer by 40 percent.

Nota final

This plant’s fruit mainly protects the individual organism against lung, prostate and gut type of cancers. In an study conducted in the USA, which included a sample of 14,000 Americans and over 3,000 Norwegians, scientists have found that smokers who eat carrots or tomatoes frequently (more than two times per month) had lower odds of developing lung cancer compared to the people that did not choose to consume these sort of vegetables. Moreover, nutrition experts encourage that individuals should eat both cooked and raw tomatoes. Some ingredients utilized in the berries become available only through warmth and by adding olive oil. Thus, tomato-based sauces are an exceptional source of additional nutritional benefits. Thus, berries to your everyday diet and increase the balance in your life while enjoying a refined and full of aroma vegetable.