Someone that has a weak is highly vulnerable to become sick frequently with , cold and other minor ailments. We agree that antibiotics have proved to be magic drugs but their extra usage causes more harm than good. Almost 99% people think that antibiotics are effective in treating all viral and bacterial infections but the fact is far from it.


The truth is that antibiotics can’t fight against germs and taking antibiotics to counter viral infections can further aggravate the problem. Sometimes the body develops resistance against the medication bringing down the resistance level of the human body. Taking a natural antibiotic might help in these conditions by preventing additional issues that medication intake can cause and assist in relieving symptoms already present in the body.

The system is the first line of defense our body needs to counter the attacks of foreign invaders such as viruses, parasites, bacteria and germs that are all seeking to cause harm to our body. The immunity system which is composed of the lymphatic system, spleen, tonsil and thymus functions together to keep the body working properly.

Natural ways

There are particular herbs and natural foods that need to be consumed regularly to offer strength to the body. A weak immunity system is acquired or primary in nature. Primary weakness in immunity is usually because of weak genetic character while acquired condition is because of unhealthy diet and lifestyle in addition to excess use of drugs for common ailments such as cold.

It’s been proved scientifically that herbal antibiotics, natural diet and a helps in fostering the of the immune system and prevents the person from falling sick often due to cold, flu and other minor disorders. People who have a strong immune system are less likely to suffer from life threatening ailments like .

  • Vitamin C, E and A are most important for our immunity.
  • is among the oldest cultivated plant and is well known as a natural immunity boosters. It assists in the production of white blood cells in the body.
  • Have six ounces of every day to keep intestinal flora levels that aid in digestion.
  • Herbs such as and echinacea can be taken in pill form to offer support to the immune system.