Rheumatoid is among the most frequent forms of arthritis. In the USA alone, it affects about seven thousand people, the majority of them women. People of all ages can find this disease, but it usually manifests itself when a person reaches their middle age. As with most other kinds of arthritis, such as gout, osteoarthritis, and psoriatic arthritis, the rheumatoid version can cause intense pain, restricting one’s mobility and adversely affecting the patient’s quality of life.

Vamos entendê-lo.

Naturalmente, o problema do alívio da dor é um assunto bem-vindo para os que sofrem de artrite. A artrite reumatóide é caracterizada por inchaço e dor, e pode afectar as articulações do tornozelo, joelho, joelho, mão e pulso. Está também provado que também afecta a coluna vertebral. Ainda há algum mistério sobre as causas desta doença, mas a ciência tem vindo a explorar os factores hormonais, ambientais e genéticos que contribuem para a ocorrência do estado.

What’s known is that somehow, something goes awry inside the human body’s immune system and rather than protecting itself, it turns and attacks the joints — hence its classification as an autoimmune disorder. The 19th-century French performer Pierre-August Renoir and comedienne Lucille Ball are two of other famous folks who have been victims of the disease. Like other patients, they probably suffered from symptoms like inflammation of a joint (which feels tender or hot to the touch), potentially e perda de peso, e uma diminuição da quantidade de energia. Mas mais importante, os momentos de vigília caracterizam-se por uma dor incessante, o sintoma mais frequente.

Alívio da dor

That’s why pain relief isn’t only desired but crucial if one is to able to go on working in the most optimal way possible. There are numerous pain killers prescribed by physicians for rheumatoid patients. Probably the most common medicine is something known as NSAIDs, the acronym for non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. NSAIDs don’t inhibit the advancement of the disease, but they do a lot to lessen swelling and the related pain. However, some NSAIDs, such as COX-2 inhibitors, have come under fire from the public due to significant side effects they can cause, such as and kidney issues.

Os medicamentos corticosteróides tomados oralmente são prescritos nos casos em que a inflamação e a dor são extremamente agudas; mas mais uma vez, existem efeitos secundários potencialmente graves associados a eles, pelo que não devem ser tomados sem a aprovação do seu médico. Devido à crescente preocupação com os efeitos secundários, muitos pacientes estão a recorrer a terapias naturais e alternativas para controlar os seus sintomas.

Terapia natural

Natural therapy regimens for rheumatoid arthritis abound; between substances which range from golden to herbs to marine products. As an example, dandelion capsules and celery are reputed to reduce uric acid levels in the body, and this is great because too high uric acid levels can exacerbate symptoms. Herbs such as dong quai, boswellia, and sarsaparilla have anti inflammatory properties that reduce swelling. There’s also growing evidence that containing chondroitin and glucosamine are beneficial for arthritis sufferers — but many medical experts caution their use for in treating rheumatoid arthritis, stating they are only to be used by people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Outros métodos naturais de cura utilizados para lidar com a doença incluem a acupunctura, a massagem e a hidroterapia. Os especialistas médicos não podem enfatizar com força suficiente a importância de uma dieta nutritiva para aqueles afligidos pela doença. Estudos indicam que os pacientes não têm normalmente uma dieta saudável , and that this disease occurs very infrequently in cultures which don’t thrive on fast food and other fatty foods. A diet based on whole foods, vegetables, fruits, and certain varieties of seafood is recommended; one that’s full of sugar, refined carbohydrates, saturated , and sugar isn’t.

Nota final

Surprisingly, some foods which are healthy can really aggravate arthritic pain in some patients; those include wheat and dairy products, and vegetables like tomatoes and eggplants. Exercise is another important element in creating the basis for arthritis management. Physical therapists will normally recommend exercises that are”joint-friendly,” such as walking, riding a stationary bike, swimming and other water activities. Moving an affected joint in its whole range of motion is advocated, so long as you keep the motion smooth to avoid inflicting pain. Exercise is great, but it shouldn’t be overdone because it is going to worsen the pain, not alleviate it. There’s absolutely no cure as yet for rheumatoid arthritis. But with the perfect diet, exercise, and therapy, a large measure of pain relief can be accomplished. It’s a manageable condition that shouldn’t stop a person from living a good-quality life and continue to be a contributing member to society.