There are four features with each person diagnosed with prostate cancer and they’re; a weak immune system, a deficiency of oxygen in the cells, excess toxins and acidity. Are we fixing those with our existing treatments? No, there are just two natural methods to remedy those. Reversing prostate cancer is about adjusting the reasons why it appeared.

Alimentação saudável

Fresh fruit and veggies are man’s natural food, for example studies have discovered that both tomatoes and broccoli contain which are beneficial in both combating cancer and keeping us cancer free. Also increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids that are found in seed oil, extra virgin , walnuts and particularly fish, such as salmon, and sardines. There have been thousands of substances enter the market during the past few decades without adequate testing for human health.

We’re surrounded by them as we breathe in as in exhaust gases and business pollution; we apply them to our skin as in personal care products and many contain parabens, a known carcinogenic chemical. They’re also in our processed foods as additives, such as food colorings, and many food colorings are from artificial sources. Then there’s bisphenol A also called BPA, a poisonous substance widely utilised in the production of plastic products.

It will correct a deficiency of oxygen in our cells but the major reason exercise is important is to boosts our immune system. Prostate cancer is merely a disorder of an immune system that’s been weakened and allowed cancer cells to become recognized. Our immune system is dependent upon muscle activity to work properly as a healthy immune system defends the body from all diseases and will eliminate bacteria, viruses and other foreign invaders including cancer cells. It’s important to understand that prostate cancer isn’t only a disorder of the prostate but a disease of the whole body.

É realmente um sinal de que algo está errado, por isso remover cirurgicamente a próstata ou qualquer outro dos nossos remédios ortodoxos não resolve o problema. Muitos destes tratamentos duros estão a causar problemas de incontinência e impotência, por isso é essencial gerir as razões pelas quais se tornou cancerosa e eliminar essas razões.


By addressing these four causes, prostate cancer is a totally curable disease. To reverse prostate cancer cut back on meat, eggs and dairy products and eat a more plant based diet. Avoid hot dogs, bacon and pressed meats due to the nitrates they feature. Also avoid burning meat as with barbecue due to the cancer causing compounds called heterocyclic amines or HCA’s that can form. By taking responsibility for your own health you may better your chances of reversing prostate cancer because the body strives to heal itself every single day. All you will need to do is to help it by making these adjustments.