O tracto digestivo desempenha um papel muito importante no bem estar de alguém. Uma boa saúde digestiva traduz-se num bom desempenho geral. A má saúde digestiva não só leva a que os sistemas imunológico e nervoso se descontrolem, como também provoca danos nas funções hormonais do organismo. O sistema digestivo decompõe os alimentos que comemos, absorve os nutrientes necessários e finalmente se livra dos resíduos.

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However, bad food options like , caffeine etc., damage the gastrointestinal tract resulting in the condition known as”leaky gut”, where the semi-digested foods cross over into the blood flow directly causing bodily injury. Digestive ill-health caused because of leaky gut could be recovered with the support of the four R’s, specifically remove, repair, restore and replace. Include gut-healing foods such as antioxidants, turmeric, aloe vera etc. in the and avoid any processed foods.


Estes ajudam a restaurar a quantidade certa de flora bacteriana no intestino. A substituição da dieta por sais orgânicos e enzimas digestivas ajuda a comercializar e manter a boa saúde intestinal. Os probióticos são as estirpes vivas do bem in milk products and yoghurt that alleviate many gastrointestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome () and nausea. They boost the defenses of the body and help to encourage overall digestive health. However, these are delicate strains of bacteria which are readily made ineffective by acids and warmth.

Moreover, it’s deficient in people who don’t eat dairy products as a result of dietary reasons or because of dislike of the taste. Prebiotic in the shape of fermented foods help level this lack. These exceptional plant fibers provides nourishment to the good bacteria which are found in the colon. These fibers aren’t digested by the bodynevertheless, they encourage the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut, leading to digestive health benefits.

Many digestive health supplements can be found on the marketplace today that can treat many illnesses of the gut in addition to provide health benefits. Symptoms of indigestion like acid reflux and heartburn are being treated with DGL, a particular extract of , since a very long time.

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Studies indicate that while chamomile is effective in treating a variety of disorders of the digestive tract such as colic, nausea and stomach upset; peppermint oil eases pain and bloating associated with IBS. Ginger is referred to as the stomach comforter because of its broad use in treating stomach aches. Additionally, it alleviates morning sickness during pregnancy. Psyllium behave as fiber for constipation and artichokes relieve stomach upsets. L-glutamine, a glutamine supplementhelps in the relief of diarrheal symptoms which may occur because of infections, surgery or anxiety. Mint and cinnamon enhance digestion and makes the gut smooth. Good quality fish oil in its liquid form builds up and keeps the immune system.