The first logical step in caring for is very good hygiene. Keeping your skin clean and free of oil is the first step to caring for your . Gentle washing with a mild cleanser once or twice daily, but be careful not to over do it. Excessive or overly vigorous washing can damage your skin or make your acne worse. The following step is insuring that you’re receiving by eating a balanced .

Your body requires a healthy immune system to stave off infections. The that accompanies acne is miniature infections inside your skin. Having said this, a balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and are crucial to clean and . For men, being cautious when shaving. Take care not to shave straight over your blemishes, as this may aggravate your acne even farther. Using a electric shaver is most likely a better option than a razor and certainly better thana face filled with band aids.

Women should be cautious when using makeup. Select makeups specifically made for use for acne prone skin. Newer cosmetics are designed to not clog pores and some even contain bacteria fighting drugs. Read labels and choose makeup that are”noncomedogenic” so it doesn’t clog pores. Adding a fantastic face wash designed to combat bacteria or eliminate dead skin cells can also be highly advised.

Many over the counter face washes include either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which can be used to fight acne. Both of these acne medications approach acne in another way.

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Benzoyl peroxide acts as an antiseptic reducing the amount of surface skin and bacteria yeasts.One benefit of benzoyl peroxide is the bacteria doesn’t develop resistance to it. Used over and over again, benzoyl peroxide will continue to kill acne bacteria. Additionally, it will reduce inflammation and cut back on excess oil. Salicylic acid on the other hand, slows down the shedding of cells. Since acne is formed when the skin cells shed too fast and clump together inside hair follicles, using salicylic acid prevent the pores from becoming clogged. Its also helps to breakdown both blackheads and whiteheads. Adding a trip to a dermatologist is crucial for individuals with acne prone skin. Your dermatologist will decide the sort of acne you have and might prescribe oral antibiotics.