Everyone in the world is most likely aware we’re at Level 6 because of the H1N1 Swine . Officials from WHO are saying there will be a global crisis this season and compulsory flu vaccines are already being mass produced. What exactly do we do while were waiting around for these experiments? How can we know if we will get you? How do we know they work without them undergoing human trials yet? What happens if the a variety of flu’s mutate?


So you can see there are a whole lot of questions that are not answered so the best thing to do is be very proactive with your health. That’s why this report might be the most significant thing you have ever read. Your best defense against the flu season will be an armor plated immune system. So what does it take to create that armor? What are these 3 supplements which will help protect you? I will start this off with one of the simplest and cheapest ways to begin beefing up your immune system.

Judging from the title of the article you’ve probably already guessed that I’m talking about and wondering if there should be a far more high tech way of doing so. Let’s keep it simple and economical. Vitamin C supplementation is something everybody can afford to do even at high doses. You aren’t likely to locate Vitamin C hyped everywhere in the nutritional supplement marketplace for 1 large reason. There is not much money to be made! Everyone carries Vitamin C so the intense rivalry keeps the margins.


Nobody is wasting advertising dollars and ad space to promote Vitamin C but I’ll tell you it is one of the first things that you ought to go stock up on right now. Just because you do not see it hyped does not mean it is not among the main things to be taking at the moment. I’m not going to list out the webpages of valuable info on Vitamin C. You may mention more of this here if you want by visiting Webmd and see pages of information.

Another outstanding advantage is it is a powerful antioxidant. It’ll fight off free radicals like a champ. So now you’ve got a double defensive tool in your arsenal. The next thing that Vitamin C can do is help reduce cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone and chronic stress releases more cortisol that can wear down your body and your immune system. Personally I take 3000mg daily. I take 1 1000mg capsule 3 times every day. It goes through your system quickly so it’s advised to take it spaced through the day.

Many people can’t deal with that high of a dose so start off with 500mg-1000mg daily and work up from there. 1 immune system booster.

(pronounced eck-in-ay-sha), is a natural herb found in North America. It’s been used by native American Indians for many ailments having to do with the immune system and is the most used herb to fight influenza, infections, and colds. This is also something which could be inserted to amour plate your immune system very cost effectively. Additionally, there are hundreds of studies which you can discover that support it’s efficacy and establish it’s ability to resist infection.

Echinacea has been shown to stimulate the production of very important flu fighting immune cells. The creation of macrophages is increased and their efficacy is improved. Macrophages are cells that go around and kill cells that are infected with viruses. They literally eat them up and be the mobile terminator garbage disposals of the immune system. A good plan would be to beef up your immune system by beginning to take this supplement today. The suggested dosage based on intensity is around 200-400mg daily two to three times every day.


A powerful multi vitamin and mineral supplement is the next thing you should have in your toolbox. Your whole body functions synergistically with systems behind each other. To remain healthy and to keep a great immune system a wholesome diet is essential. Unfortunately nearly all the populace eats a diet of processed cheap foods that don’t include considerable amounts of nutrients. An excellent multi-vitamin and vitamin supplement is something I have always considered a cheap daily insurance coverage for my body and is that which I highly recommend to all customers. This isn’t a complicated strategy but sometimes the simplest is often the best. Effective immediately begin protecting yourself with a daily , multiple dose of Vitamin C, and a multiple dose of Echinacea. A great plan is to buy from an online shop where you can purchase bulk gaining discounts for multiple bottles and even complimentary bottles. This way you’ll be able to stock up for not only yourself but your loved ones. If your children are too young to swallow capsules there are lots of chewable varieties offered.