Strona consists of various systems and processes that interlock to create a system that works without any glitches. Unhealthy diets and the ecosystem have lead to the buildup of acids and acidic wastes within the body and various . This is the biggest advantage of an . With the typical western diet and lifestyle comprising of plenty of acid-producing substances like dairy products and meats, and habits such as smoking, alcohol and use of drugs, the body becomes bombarded with acid wastes.


Acids consume and deteriorate healthy , organs and cells. While fat cells protect tissues from surplus acids, excess body acids create fat cells cling to organs. Once these surplus acids are removed from the body, the fat cells aren’t needed and the body releases them from obligation and induces weight loss. An acid build-up results in the body cells not getting sufficient oxygen, which then slows down the tissues’ overall operation. Cells can die without adequate oxygenso remove acid build-up within your system by changing your diet and drinking alkaline water.

This is known as allergies and the body expels excessive toxins and acidic wastes through soreness, excessive mucus, and eczema, which are related to allergies. The elimination of excess acids in the body contributes to the disappearance of allergies and related systems. The accumulation of acid wastes in the body is a major cause for degenerative diseases such as , liver and kidney , obesity, cardiovascular disease and neurological diseases, hormonal balances, premature aging and also most cancers.


As degenerative diseases thrive in polluted environments, the elimination of the environment prohibits them from multiplying or generating. The buildup of acid wastes and breakdown of physiological functions hastens the aging procedure. Too much body toxins contributes to acidosis which releases free radicals into the blood, to assault and kill cell walls and membranes.

All this results in poor vision, age spots, fatigue, bad memory, dysfunctional hormones and other early aging signs. The removal of acids in the body with alkaline foods helps prevent additional cell damage and reverses the breakdown procedure.

Excess acidity slows down the functioning of cells. The center thus works harder to compensate for its sluggishness and this raises blood pressure. Moreover, higher acidity levels contribute to plaque build-up from the arteries. This decreases the blood vessels’ diameter and raises blood pressure. So by eliminating acidity on your system via an alkaline diet, you enhance your cell functioning and lower your blood pressure.

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Acid build up in the body decreases the body’s natural balancing systems as it contributes into the leeching of the alkaline such as calcium, phosphates and calcium in the body’s bones, muscles and tissues. Your bloodstream thus finds it hard maintaining alkaline levels for optimal body functioning. All this contributes to a drop in body , sluggishness, fatigue and even osteoporosis. However energy levels are raised by restoring acid levels through proper diet and exercise.