Kandydoza, wymawiana jako kahn-di-diya-sis, jest bardziej powszechnie nazywana pleśniawką lub drożdżycą. . Jest to spowodowane przez rodzaj grzybów o nazwie Candida albicans. Candida albicans jest rodzajem drożdży. I drożdże jest rodzajem grzybów (takich jak pleśnie i grzyby ). Jeśli jesteś zaznajomiony z grzybów to wiesz, że te kwitną w wilgotnych i lekko podatnych obszarach. To samo dotyczy Twojego własnego ciała.


Thus, it is common to find candidiasis in areas of the body such as the mouth, the genitals and other areas where skin folds and retains a whole lot of moisture. But candida is most frequently found in your digestive tract. The reason people do not get sick due to the mere existence of candida is because good (called probiotics) maintain the skin in check, preventing the fungi from growing to an extent that it will do damage to your body. However, when there is an overgrowth of fungi, your body will respond negatively in a number of ways.

Since it’s mostly within your body, the first to respond when there is candida overgrowth will be here. Common symptoms are irregular bowel movement (constipation or diarrhea), and cramps. This is can be especially tricky because you could confuse the symptom for a simple allergic reaction. To get a better idea of knowing whether this is candida-triggered or not, observe if your allergy coincides with other symptoms mentioned. Rashes and itching on localized regions of the body, even the mouth.

Problemy skórne

Problemy skórne, które obejmują łuszczenie się i/lub "puchnięcie" skóry (kandydoza skórna), na które wskazują również małe krostki w dotkniętym miejscu. Kremowe, białe plamy w jamie ustnej znane są jako pleśniawki i występują powszechnie na języku, wargach i podniebieniu. Wilgotna, ale skorupiasta skóra w kącikach ust może być również powszechna. Swędzenie i pieczenie w okolicy pochwy (częściej nazywane zakażeniem drożdżakowym). Badania wykazują, że 75% dziewcząt doświadcza tego rodzaju objawów przynajmniej raz. Gęsta, biała lub szarawa wydzielina jest często obecna wokół odbytu.

Pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse is also possible. Frequent bouts of colds. Fungi don’t have an immediate cause on colds, but they do have an influence on the . When the immune system is weakened, you’re more prone to catch colds or the flu. The above mentioned symptoms are of the localized selection and generally, when addressed early, treatment can be easy and fast. and irritability or being unable to focus or getting dizzy easily. This is only more than just the result of an embarrassing state because of other symptoms.

Uwaga końcowa

Problems with may be a sign that the nervous system is already affected. Exhaustion regardless of the fact you didn’t apply too much activity is another indication that the disease has spread across the body and is currently systemic (deep candidiasis). More serious steps will need to be taken to cover the status. Despite these alarming indicators you will find great news. The first is that the majority of individuals infected with candidiasis can be treated with no actual permanent damage done to their own bodies. The next good news is that people, who get well from candidiasis, for as long as they maintain healthy, will be unlikely to experience the disease the next time. Even those diagnosed with deep candidiasis, for as long as treatment is administered immediately to stop the disease from reaching important organs, have great chances for full recovery.