Public Health governments have traditionally been slow in responding to the threats posed by new infections. The most glaring example during the past several decades has been HIV; an illness that still infects millions of people worldwide. Minimal attempts were made to include highly sterile methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) when first identified.


After a rather long delay, police mounted a concerted response to , but the subsided before medical treatments could be developed and effectively assessed. The planet is now challenged with horrendous cases of kids born without normal brains because of the transmission of Zika virus during . Zika virus infected pregnant women aren’t currently being treated. Rudimentary anti-mosquito steps are also envisioned to help minimize additional infections. Markedly reduced head circumference (microcephaly) has been reported in some of the babies born to Zika infected mothers.

While other babies from infected mothers might not demonstrate the reduced head size, there are lots of signs that they also will be neurologically impaired. Within a couple of years, some of those less affected children will probably show features of . This is going to be a painful reminder of the discount by public health authorities of evidence demonstrating the presence of virus infections in children with autism.

About viruses

The viruses were characterized as being stealth accommodated since they didn’t evoke an inflammatory response, the standard hallmark of an infectious illness. Stealth is a generic procedure that can possibly happen with all viruses by the loss or mutation of the relatively few viral genes which code elements targeted by the immune system. Stealth adapted viruses are implicated in several illnesses, but especially those with neuropsychiatric symptoms, including children with autism.

Public Health authorities decided not to admit stealth adaptation once it had been reported that a few of the viruses were derivatives of African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus (SCMV). This finding highlighted the market bias of the Food and Administration (FDA) when they decided not to publicly disclose a 1972 study demonstrating that SCMV infected monkeys were being used to generate live polio virus vaccine. There was additional distress with the proposal that the testing of cytomegalovirus contaminated experimental polio vaccines in chimpanzees was a plausible explanation for the origin of HIV.

Keep in  mind

Infected people and experimentally inoculated animals continue to be able to recoup from infections with stealth adapted viruses. This indicates that the body isn’t wholly dependent on the immune system so as to suppress virus infections. Moreover, lymphocytes and antibodies, which are the significant elements of acquired immunity, only developed with the evolution of vertebrates. Empirical findings from within the area of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) support non-pharmaceutical procedures of healing.

Yet these efforts are normally discouraged by governmental authorities too influenced by pharmaceutical companies. Continued research on stealth adapted viruses identified a significant non-immunological anti virus defense mechanism that is mediated through an alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This pathway is distinct from mobile energy derived from the metabolism of food or in the case of plants and certain bacteria, from the energy acquired from photosynthesis.

Accordingly, the ACE pathway can also be called the third energy pathway of character. It’s expressed as an extra dynamic (kinetic) action of fluids caused by the absorption of an outside force termed KELEA (kinetic energy restricting electrostatic attraction).