As you know, your immune system is responsible for keeping your body strong and healthy and protecting it from attacks by that are harmful. People who have a strong immune system remain largely healthy and therefore are less sensitive to common health hazards such as infection. Some others discover they are prone to fall ill in the slightest provocation. The construction of your immune system is partially shaped by genetic factors.

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But the great thing is you may strengthen your immunity from health hazards by following some simple strategies. Two fundamental requirement for a strong immune system is a body which has sufficient rest and is nurtured by a wholesome alkaline diet. Alkalinity is connected with your body’s ability to take in more oxygen and oxygen is the secret to immunity from . It’s not tricky to make sure that your body receives the needed amount of alkalinity. All you will need to do is to create your diet full of alkaline content.


Here are four strategies you need to follow to boost your immune system.

  • The simplest way to supply your body with alkalinity is to consume foods with rich nourishment. Taking a diet which has about 50 percent raw foods is the easiest recipe for an alkaline diet. It’s recognized that processed foods, cooked meals and baked can cause inflammation in certain part of the body. Taking raw foods will make sure this won’t happen.
  • An perfect meal ought to have about 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent meat. If you can make it 100 percent vegetarian, then it’ll be wonderful. Choose organic vegetables and meat not exposed to antibiotics and feel secure. Avoid processed foods to the extent possible because processed foods can create acidity. While alkalinity promotes immunity, acidity fosters diseases.
  • Your body needs to stay hydrated. You should drink lots of water. Water is not only going to give your body with the needed quantity of fluids but will also flush out toxins and toxins. Other liquid diets which will be good for hydrating your body without causing any ill effect are herbal , tea and ginger juice.
  • Supplement your diet with C, D and E and . These four supplements both behave independently and in unison, thus offering a double advantage. Vitamin C is found in several of substances such as lemon, kale, , strawberry, papaya, pineapple etc.. You can get Vitamin D from mushrooms, eggs and milk and Vitamin E from Almonds, , Broccoli.