The immune system is one of the body’s defenses against infectious organisms; another systems would be the gastrointestinal system and . If the infectious organisms get past both of these defenses then the immune system takes them. To better understand how it works it’s important to know some details. There are two ways by which the immune system operates. The first is known as humoral immunity.

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This system depends on the human body’s ability to make protein protection molecules called antibodies. When foreign bodies such as infectious organisms enter the body, this system is triggered and it begins generating specific antibodies for the particular foreign object or antigen. Both (the antigen and antibody) interact and the antigen is generally deactivated or put out of commission from the antibody.

The second kind of body resistance is cell-mediated. This one does not need the body to form certain molecules to target foreign objects. This sort of immunity depends on the body’s white blood cells. The white cells envelop to absorb or consume the infectious agents. Knowing these details makes it feasible to ascertain the best way to strengthen our systems and make them more efficient and effective. Sometimes it could take artificial help the body fight off infections. Antifungal, antibacterial and antifungal medications can sometimes help combat infections.


Antibacterial drugs such as antibiotics were created to directly destroy certain bacteria, antiviral drugs are designed to target certain viruses and antifungal drugs assault fungi. However, these drugs aren’t without dangers. Some of the drugs have severe side effects which can cause more damage than good. Their overuse may also lead to the targeted viruses and bacteria to develop resistance to the drugs rendering them ineffective. It’s therefore a far superior choice to eat .


It will destroy those undesirable bacteria responsible for making you sick but will leave the good bacteria alone. Among the more important immune system facts must do with what we can do to keep it from being triggered. This may be done by developing a safe and clean environment that does not enable the spread of or viruses. Among the best facts to understand is the fact it is possible to build your body’s immune system by what you eat. options are something which we could control.

By choosing foods that help the body mass up its immune mechanisms we can help prevent illness. Eating yogurt regularly also allows the active acidophilus to enter into the gastrointestinal tract and helps fortify the fighting digestive system. Taking vitamins especially and C can help boost your immune reaction. The vitamins are also essential in the healing process after illnesses.

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Other foods which are important in helping enhance the immune system are whole grains and garlic. The latter, garlic contains properties. I am hoping that these immune system facts give you the information necessary to make informed decisions about keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy. Eat honey every day and you ought to have no additional need for the compound prescriptions your physician will provide you with.