At this time of the year a lot people have a little bit of a tickle in the throat and possibly a bit of coughing. It might be hayfever or flu virus that’s been going round. Did you know that there are a lot of natural remedies and preventatives to enhance your immune system and keep you healthy?

Let’s see…

Did you know that the body is programmed to eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria through the lungs through the power of coughing to avoid ? The solution is to get additional rest and more fluids rather than masking the cough however if it gets too much there are lots of things you can do. reinforces the immune system and is a great preventative measure to prevent a cold developing.

Citrus fruits like orange juice may bring down temperatures, stimulates the lymph system and fights a fever and lemon cleans and purifies. Sage in herbal tea form isn’t too pleasant to drink but will break fever and restore . Don’t drink Sage if you’re pregnant though.

More natural remedies

Manuka is soothing on the neck so put in a spoonful into a warm water with lemon or carrot juice. Drink lemon or ginger tea: Take some fresh ginger and add it to a cup of lemon tea. Let it steep for 3 minutes and drink frequently.

Ginger is an antiseptic, stimulant and expectorant so that it is excellent for coughs. Add honey to sweeten the teas because it’s very good for this tickly cough.

helps eliminate mucus and is great added to juices or eaten raw if you prefer the taste. Otherwise try some garlic capsules that are odourless. Garlic is antibacterial and helps fight infection. It’s a great treatment for chest infections.


Jasmine, pine and eucalyptus added into a burner assist with relaxing you and that chesty cough. Be careful though with this if you’ve got young children around. The oils can be too powerful for them. Alternatively mix 15 drops Lemon Scented Tea Tree oil, 10 drops Ginger oil, 10 drops Sandalwood oil, 5 drops Sweet Orange oil in 100ml of carrier oil such as sweet almond, , jojoba.

Apply this massage mix daily to decrease body fatigue during winter and also to encourage increased immunity. Just the thing for a relaxing chilly night even in Spring. Use half the amount for children and the elderly and don’t use this on infants or pregnant women. Don’t use Neroli or if you’re pregnant or epileptic. Don’t use Ylang Ylang if you’ve LOW blood pressure. Less is best when mixing oils. Always mix oils in a carrier oil for massaging hair or skin. Make sure that the oils are all natural so no chemicals are released into your body.


As a guideline go by what smells nice with you, and do not combine more than a few oils together at a time. Other preventatives are accessible from your naturopath or attempt some acupuncture/ energy recovery. Reflexology and chiropractic can also be great preventatives. The best medicine is to avoid the colds and coughs before they begin. Begin your dose of 5000mg Echinacea twice daily, 1 Vitamin B complex and 1000mg vitamin C today.