Z substancją odżywczą for influenza it’s likely to be over the worst in two days or less by mixing together this cocktail of herbs. When you have it’s necessary to boost your immune system as rapidly as possible to be able to deal with the condition quickly and easily to conquer the .


Grypa, a konkretnie świńska grypa jest bardziej niebezpieczna dla osób z chorobami podstawowymi, takimi jak astma, przewlekła choroba obturacyjna (POChP), cukrzyca, zapalenie oskrzeli, dolegliwości nerek lub serca lub inne problemy związane z płucami, w którym to przypadku lekarz zaleci coroczny zastrzyk przeciw grypie sezonowej, zwłaszcza jeśli jesteś w wieku powyżej sześćdziesięciu pięciu lat. Podczas choroby grypy organizm wytwarza Choroba przebiega naturalnie, ponieważ system odpornościowy funkcjonuje najlepiej w ciepłej atmosferze.

Stąd zalecenie, aby ładnie się ubrać, gdy już dopadnie nas przeziębienie lub grypa. Istnieje kilka różnych pokarmów i ziół, które można łączyć w koktajle dla wzmocnienia układu odpornościowego.

Olej wężowy

This is the Native American snake root that later became known as’snake oil’ that has been sold by travelling salesmen from the Wild West days. Surprisingly it did sell well because it worked, but nobody at the time realised its full potential. As it’s anti-viral and antibacterial properties it is a wonderful tonic for upper respiratory infections and in addition, it increases the production of the white blood cells. Not as well known as , but it still has more properties being ant-viral, antibiotic and antifungal all at exactly the exact same time.


Which is made by the bees from several sources was named by the early Greeks, specialist significance before and polis describes the city, a more apt translation being’In Defence of the City’. Used by the bees to repel invaders of the by sealing all cracks in the hive and in precisely the exact same time keeping their surroundings sterile, As propolis is also an anti-inflammatory it will help to decrease the inflammation of the lining of the lungs and respiratory tract, also soothing any sore throat or cough.

It contains allicin, a chemical which contains similar immune system boosters to propolis. Chop two cloves in a blender to release the active ingredients. An antifungal, antioxidant and immune boosting from the Peruvian rain forest and has been used for centuries by the natives of the Andes. Include two droppers of this tincture. Mix all of the ingredients in a blender for a cocktail with 250 ml of organic or tomato vegetable juice and the juice of a .


The lemon acts as a liver cleanser to clean away the toxins created by the infection. The mix should be sipped slowly twice a day morning and evening whilst the flu continues. Now that your body is in a’ fever’ condition you’ll have to drink copious quantities of water to flush out the toxins from your body and of course to re-hydrate. Drink what you feel comfortable with but aim for at least 3 litres every day.