Yoga professionals develop self monitoring skills even through the comfort at the end of the yoga course. Yogic relaxation exercises are many, and vary from progressive muscle relaxation to breath . There’s nevertheless a systematic relaxation of many body parts which deeply relaxes body and brain, and can infuse the body with awareness at a cellular level.

About energy

Where attention goes, energy follows. Disconnection in the body is one cause of illness. This felt and conscious connection with over 100 body parts during yogic relaxation, infuses the parts with energy, also referred to as chi, or prana. Researchers, by Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA) and Bangalore Institute of (BIO), tested yoga relaxation techniques on people living with breast at second and third phase and found that the exercises weren’t only successful in combating the unwanted effects of the disease, but also helped preserve levels to fight the illness.

Yoga techniques

These include poses, , hand rankings, , self study and comfort. Singling out comfort, there are at least ten yogic relaxation methods to quiet your mind and relax muscle tension. Benefits from relaxing body and mind affect us physically, emotionally, mentally and emotionally. In an official yoga on the mat training, we could develop our self monitoring skills by paying attention to a lot of intricate details of our physical body. Or on the other hand, we might discover that simply knowing and feeling whether we’re maintaining length in the spine, suffice for self evaluation of their physical.

Maintaining awareness of feeling the motion of breath while we maintain a pose, also develops our self-observation abilities. And on a more subtle level, and self evaluation of how grounded we are, or how much lightness we believe is the first step to keeping us balanced energetically when in the pose. On deeper levels, as we stay steady at the pose, we may observe and feel just how much despair our stays, and/or how much dedication we believe.


The longer we have the ability to breathe and hold easily in the pose, we might observe ourselves enveloped with feelings of softness, surrender or guts. The more we have the ability to associate with all levels of our being, i.e. physical, energetic, mental emotional, religious, the more we improve the health of our and boost the feeling of well being. Energy follows our attention.