Colloidal silver has exploded online as a nutritional supplement, heralded as a cure all, and cursed by some officials that appear to be motivated by the big pharmaceuticals. Colloidal silver has been used as a natural antibiotic before the discovery of penicillin. The new antibacterial agent was the drug of favor globally. Colloidal silver was pushed to the back of consciousness and found little use after 1929. But wait, the medical world didn’t stop using silver.


The overwhelming healing attributes of silver have been continued even now from the planet’s burn centers and countless babies have had a silver focus flushed in their eyes immediately after birth. If this natural antibiotic was used so broadly, why did the doctors stop using it? Did bacteria develop a resistance to colloidal silver? Did it stop working? The solution appears to be a pharmaceutical choice. A few wise physicians continued to use colloidal silver and a few shrewd patients recalled this silver concoction and easily continued its usage as it turned into an over the counter”nutritional supplement”.


Zwalcza wszystkie natrętne zarazki, bakterie i to keep the body from falling prey to disease. Like any material that is taken in surplus the body treats overdoses of a chemical as a toxin and rejects the immune system overload. Wheat consumed in excess is poisonous to the body. We recognize that surplus grain in horses will make them founder and sometimes die. The effect will be similar in humans. Colloidal silver when ingested in the quantities recommended as a nutritional supplement has clinically proven to be an immune system support protecting against viral infections and bacterial diseases.

Some producers of colloidal silver used to create a solution of silver chloride. This isn’t desirable because it will cause the silver to collect under the skin providing a light blue to the skin. There are no known side effects in taking colloidal silver that’s properly made and consumed. There are no recorded deaths from accepting this immune system support boosting supplement, but tons of government pressure attempting to stop the sale for no other apparent reason than to appease the heavy lobbying pharmaceutical companies which seem to now wish to prescribe this remedy.


Srebro koloidalne było sprzedawane jako suplement diety dla układu odpornościowego w każdym znaczącym chain in the nation for more than 25 years. The of 1100 ppm was the “standard” accessible 4 formerly bottles. It could be made up to 5 ppm at the house with a 9 volt battery, two silver contributes to a glass of distilled water. Testimonials have filled hundreds of web pages of how colloidal silver has been beneficial. These unsolicited accounts testify of a natural antibiotic which has powers beyond simply having an immune system support “nutritional supplement”.