Coconut oil has a pleasant taste, does not go rancid (even after a year) like other oils and has health benefits rather than health detriments. Civilizations consuming coconut oil with no trans oils are healthier, have less colon issues, less , don’t combat loss and have less heart disease. Coconut oil contains properties due to the absence of oxidation of the oil in the body thereby reducing the requirement to supplement który jest zwykle zużywany w procesie utleniania.


The general studies suggest that regular use of coconut oil reduces cholesterol to a normal level by converting cholesterol to pregnenolone. Ever since “trans fat” became a dirty , we’ve looked for replacement oils which will deliver our favorite “bad” food to the table without sacrificing the fantastic taste. It’s been demonstrated that our best bet to stay healthy is to eat healthier. Eating healthy includes eliminating harmful oils and supplementing our diet with foods which includes basic building block nutrients which have eroded from our farms and gardens. The trans fats remain in the blood and eventually accumulate as fat from the vessels and body.

Olej kokosowy

Trafia on prosto do wątroby i jest przekształcany w energię. Ten "wspaniały" olej przyspiesza tempo przemiany materii w Twoim organizmie, sprawia, że jesteś calories and in this way you may loose weight. Coconut oil has a laundry list of healthful benefits. Using coconut oil as a nutritional supplement, 3-4 tablespoonfuls every day, produces adequate malic acid. Lauric acid generates monolaurin. Monolaurin is a natural antiviral that kills germs. This is a enormous support to the immune system.

with coconut oil will remove harmful fatty chains which manifests themselves as trans fatty acids in the body. If you’re reducing trans fat on your body you also raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels and reduced LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels in your blood. The medicinal use worldwide of coconut oil comprises: nutritional supplement to prevent osteoporosis, sore throat, kidney stone dissolving, reduce and for weight loss. The results are apparent, nutritionists and dietitians agree that coconut oil is one of the healthiest supplements you are able to consume.

Civilizations that have used coconut oil are usually healthier and don’t have the many western state diseases like heart disease, blood pressure problems, blood glucose, diabetes and obesity. Coconut oil may be used for cooking and frying. Battle weight loss naturally. Replace all oil like butter, margarine, vegetable oil or shortening with olive oil. Warmed to 76 degrees, coconut is liquid and may be used in salad dressing. You could even use it as a skin cream. It’s liquid connected to the skin. It might be a while before it’s time to create another new years resolution. Don’t wait, for your health’s sake, make a change today that will change the “quality of your life” of tomorrow.