So you’ve heard made mention of the Free app right? You’ve wondered what it is, who’s behind it and if it actually works. You’ve wondered if this is just another hoax or scam designed to separate you from your hard earned cash. I’ve wondered the exact same thing too. Indeed if going by the warnings about scams and unsuccessful supplements set out there by well-respected Diabetes support organizations such as Diabetes UK, one can hardly go wrong by taking out time to do a bit of research about the program.


And so like you, I decided to do a little digging. Diabetes Free-what then, is it? The Diabetes Free application is a downloadable e-book written by Dr David Pearson geared towards helping diabetics reverse the illness. On visiting the website you’ll be played with a 41 minutes movie pitch, which originally promised to be no greater than 6 minutes (quite annoying).

Nevertheless, it talks about the challenges and complications arising from diabetes in general and what people normally have to do-dietary limitations for instance, to handle it. It then goes on to discuss how great it is to eat what you want- such as hot dogs, milkshakes etc. without needing to be worried about your blood sugar spiking.

This, it lasted was possible through the Diabetes Free program. The program itself is full of techniques, tips and the diet program that will assist diabetics accomplish that. Being organic, it rejects the synthesized chemicals approach and concentrates on the body’s natural stabilizing mechanisms.

Like most of ClickBank e-books, a Diabetes free app purchase is refundable within a 60 days period. Some of the claims do have scientific bases. For instance it posits that the key of the program is a combination of exotic chemicals effective to raise IGF or like Growth Factor (works like insulin) that can be found in the .