The foods you choose can either improve your health or split it down. Making a intelligent choice of the perfect foods is therefore vital. There are six strong foods which have been demonstrated to improve health and increase . Adding these foods in your daily diet is a smart way to go to live each day to the fullest and keep your body functioning easily.

Wist je dat?

This small fish are not only going to put you in a fantastic mood, but also improve your mental capacity significantly. They’re also a rich source for . Sardines are typically found in areas which are generally not polluted by mercury. How can eating Sardines raise our disposition? Sardines have a large proportion of omega-3-fatty acids in their bodies. Fats in general, but omega-3-in particular are responsible for the creation of the Good Mood -acetylcholine.

This mood hormone not only affects mood, but also promotes all neural functions of the body. According to modern , among the most likely causes of regular melancholy is too little folic acid and vitamin B. All products derived from skimmed and eggs, ie yogurt, cottage cheese etc. are an ideal way to find a healthy amount of folic acid and B vitamins in the blood. Next time you eat , you ought to try Edamame.

Goed om te weten.

This exquisite dish of young soybeans has its roots in Japan and China. Edamame contains tremendous amounts of protein and remarkably little fat. This combination makes it an ideal for many diets and also helps stabilize your blood sugar, making for a fantastic mood. Raspberries and blueberries are full of polyphenols. Research has proven that the berries help slow down and decrease the age-related decline of memory.

Berries seem to have a preventative effect against macular degeneration, some cancers and slow the breakdown of brain cells. The berries have a beneficial impact on our neural network, which ultimately contributes to a balanced disposition. Black beans, beans, peas, tofu and other agents of the big beans and peas-family have a proven positive impact on our immune system. Beans are full of thiamin, a B vitamin. This vitamin is terrific for the creation of the healthy brain cells which support our cognitive capabilities. They’re also full of soluble fiber, the slow digestion of sugars and also can decrease mood swings.


Flax Seeds stimulates the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone, which sharpens our perceptions and gives a fantastic feeling. Flaxseeds stay fresh longer if stored in the fridge. Flax seeds are amazing additions to muffins or as a hearty match to your breakfast cereal. Add a bit of those strong foods into your diet and see the results on your own! While you can’t expect overnight changes, give yourself a couple of weeks and you’ll feel far fitter and alive.