Our thyroid gland secretes thyroid gland that regulates burning and protein synthesis. causes a decrease in the thyroid gland which in turn lowers the body’s -burning efficiency. level also decreases, which makes you feel lethargic and tired. As a quick reminder, you truly want your body metabolism amount to increase, not decrease, if you need to shed .

Hormonal factor

Testosterone helps to increase/maintain muscle mass and fat burning procedure. Healthy testosterone levels increases the quantity of beta receptors that helps to destroy stored fat. Testosterone also helps block lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that absorbs fat from blood and keep it around the fat cells. Over-dieting causes a drastic calorie reduction that can weaken our immune system. A weakened immune system gives rise to an increase in the hormone cortisol that promotes our body to store fats.

Not to mention we’ll be more vulnerable to infections and inflammations because of a diminished immunity system. This is a tell-tale symptom that ought to set off alert signs that you’re depriving your body of some fundamental nourishment. Usually there it’s also coupled with a few ringing in the ear. Remember that some consequences of over-dieting is irreversible. E.g. stomach ulcer or .

Denk aan

When the carbohydrate and fats are consumed and not forthcoming from the , the body turns to protein as the primary source of nutrient. Over prolonged intervals, the body tends to produce hormones which uses proteins (muscle) as opposed to fats and carbohydrates. A great deal of people tend to regain their weight that was lost once they stop their diet plan. This is a frequent occurrence as their bodies haven’t adjusted to a reduced weight. This is the reason it’s never a smart idea to over-diet, rather, stick to a slow and steady weight loss program to give your body a chance to adjust.

This causes us to feel deprived and crave for more . The final result? A binge to satisfy those cravings that can leave you feeling guilty and frustrated. Do I want to tell you what happens then? That’s right, comfort food. Nothing cheers us up quicker than eating what we love. So there you have it, six major reasons why you need ton’t do crash diets. We’ll never sell or rent your email address.