You might think it’s odd to get a “How-To” article focusing on five easy steps for adding fat to your body. You may say that we already know how to do that: two thirds of the people in the USA are overweight, and one third are considered clinically obese. Obviously we’ve mastered this subject. But I challenge that. I believe even though we do tend to be overweight and obese as a country, not many folks are aware of how they got there.

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There’s not a lot of awareness of the measures it takes to really add extra body fat. To put it differently, we are living with the effects of the obesity strategy each and every day in our lives and in our society, and yet we are not really conscious of the causes. This report is intended to help make you aware of the causes by introducing the subject of weight loss to you in a special way. Suppose a billionaire appeared at your doorstep and offered you $10 million if you can add 100 pounds of body fat in less than 1 year.

How could you really do it in 12 months or less? Adding body fat: Slow your . The very first thing you have to do is slow your metabolism; by slowing your metabolism, you will fewer calories when you are at rest and so, even if you don’t increase the amount of food you intake, you will automatically add weight and keep body fat. The simplest way to slow your metabolism is to stop all forms of exercise. Avoid walking. Spend a good deal of time in front of the tv. Take elevators rather than the stairs. And certainly do not register for any physical activities or spend much time outside.

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Some of the best strategies for lowering your metabolism include obtaining a desk job, locating parking spaces as close as possible to the stores where you shop, so you don’t spend much time walking across the parking lot, and of course buying one of these electric chairs or scooters so you can get around town without needing to walk in any respect. Avoiding physical exercise has another effect: it also causes your body to break down the present mass you have today.

And by breaking down muscle mass, your metabolism will be slowed even further. This will accelerate your weight reduction efforts and make it possible for you to pack on the pounds nearly mechanically. Remember that if you do not use your muscles, your body gets rid of these. That’s because your body adjusts to the degree and intensity of physical exercise you decide to pursue. The quickest way to eliminate the muscles that you don’t need is to simply stop using them, and your body will care for the rest.

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  • Drink a lot of carbonated beverages. Avoiding physical exercise is merely the first step to gaining weight and attaining your aim of packing on extra pounds in 12 months or less. But it will not get you there all alone — you have got to help that effort by changing your diet. Among the very first things you ought to do is get yourself hooked to caffeinated soft drinks. You can start by buying a 12-pack of any soft drink beverage in grocery shops and swallowing it in every possible opportunity, including breakfast. This is an absolutely wonderful way to pack on the pounds, since soft drinks are made with high-fructose corn syrup. When this ingredient is absorbed, it spikes the blood glucose in your body. This sends an emergency signal into your , which produces increased levels of insulin so as to keep the glucose levels from going too high. This insulin signal is picked up from the cells in our bodies, which eliminate blood glucose from the bloodstream and, through a somewhat complicated biological process involving the liver, manage to keep that blood sugar as body fat. If you drink enough soft drinks with sufficient frequency, you’ll be well on your way to attaining your aim of gaining 100 pounds. 12 months or less.
  • Choose high caloric density foods. While you’re at it, make certain to buy foods with very high caloric density. You see, raw, raw will fill you up until you get very many calories in your meal. For example, it’s quite tricky to eat 1,000 calories worth of apples in one sitting. Your stomach will just fill up until you reach 1,000 calories and you won’t feel like eating any more. But if you choose processed foods with ingredients like white flour, hydrogenated oils or saturated fats, you can pack in a couple thousand calories at one sitting without topping off your stomach. This is hugely important for achieving your weight gain objectives. Fortunately there are a large number of foods available at every grocery store in America that may help you achieve this. It’s quite easy to purchase them, as most are very reasonably priced. All you’ve got to do is search for brand-name foods packaged in beautiful boxes with delicious-looking images of meals on the front. If you read the ingredients label, you will find these foods are made with ingredients like hydrogenated oils, white flour, sugar and other ingredients which have an extremely high caloric density. It’s essential that you eat these foods at each meal. You want to be certain that your diet is composed of items like cheese, fried foods and a great deal of white bread. As you probably guessed, pizza is an outstanding choice because it not only has a high caloric density in the cheese and whatever meats are on the pizza, but it also has the high glycemic index that accompanies the white bread crust. In a similar manner, it is also advisable to eat a great deal of sugary breakfast cereals with high heeled cow’s milk. This will provide you saturated fat in the cows’ milk and the high sugar content of the breakfast cereals, thereby adding fat to your body through two distinct biological mechanisms: fat and refined carbohydrates.
  • Load up on junk foods. Junk foods are, of course, another outstanding selection for achieving your targets. A bag of potato chips supplies an impressive quantity of dietary fats in addition to refined carbohydrates — and various nacho chips and other snack foods function in much the same manner. You might even accelerate your weight gain goals by turning to foods that are fried. Fried foods have high caloric density and the batter where these foods are fried is normally made with white flour, which means you get the high glycemic index effects from the carbs in the batter in addition to the absurdly high caloric density of the fats that are fried.
  • Visit fast food restaurants often. If you had to name an ideal resource for the mixture of food ingredients which would rapidly accelerate your search for obesity, you would have to place fast food restaurants on peak of that list. The more popular the fast food chain, the quicker their food packs around the body fat, it seems. If you should eat in fast food restaurants at least once a day, you’d easily have the ability to satisfy your weight gain target within one year and money that $10 million test. Make certain to order the biggest quantities of soft drinks, hamburgers and fries, since it is quantity that counts . Aided by menu items from fast food chains, you can pack as much as 2,000 calories in one meal! This will quickly accelerate your weight gain attempts, because the average adult human needing only 2,000 calories every day. If it is possible to eat 2,000 calories at each meal when eating three meals a day, you can pack an additional 4,000 calories per day! It takes about 3,000 calories to make 1 pound of excess body fat, so by eating 6,000 calories per day, you can achieve slightly more than 1 pound of body fat daily. This means in 1 week alone it is possible to pack on 7 or 8 pounds of body fat, which would put you well on your way to attaining your weight gain target.

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In actuality, using this approach, you’d most likely have the ability to attain your goal in 90 days or less. The high price of weight gain achievement. Needless to say, at the time you actually win this $10 million, you’ll have suffered the devastating health effects of consuming those processed foods, junk foods, fast foods and -promoting food components. Yes, you’ll be $10,000,000 wealthier, but if you do not undo all you have done over the previous 90 days, you’ll quickly learn that you can not take it with you. To put it differently, your life will be shortened if you do not put a stop to this weight reduction effort and return to a normal body weight. Fortunately, reversing your accomplishment is fairly straightforward.

Simply do the opposite of everything that you have followed thus far. To put it differently, start exercising, and improve your lean body mass by engaging in strength training. Spend time walking, biking or swimming. Find ways to move your body on the job, even in the event that you’ve got a desk job. Avoid all processed foods and foods made with high-fructose corn syrup, white flour, refined white sugar and other refined carbohydrates. Remove soft drinks from your diet, avoid all fried foods, snack foods, junk foods and any foods produced by food-manufacturing corporations whose packed foods line the shelves of America’s grocery stores.


Once you do all that, your liver work will start to improve quite quickly; the hardening of your arteries which was occurring as your chased your weight reduction diet will start to reverse; your cardiovascular health will improve dramatically; your mind function will also improve. Your pulse will slow, and your body fat will gradually start to melt off. Your level of energy and energy will gradually rise. You will find it much easier to sleep at night and get up in the morning. You won’t get sick as often, and you might realize that your immune system starts to function the way it is supposed to in a healthy human being. In actuality, every part of your body will gradually improve as you shift into a healthy, nutritious diet which prevents processed foods and all those lifestyle choices you pursued to gain weight in the first location.