Glutathione (pronounced Gloo-ta-thi-on) is an important term that everybody ought to be familiar with. We will need to understand what Glutathione is and where and how it’s generated within the body, as our survival often depends on it. Most vital organs, particularly the liver, could be overwhelmed by toxins and impurities with this little protein/peptide within our system.

Good to know

Without Glutathione the would have minimum to bacteria, viruses and tumours. Glutathione is Glutathione sulfhydryl, or GSH. The’SH’ signifies the seriously active sulfur sulfhydryl group. Glutathione is a peptide made from the liver by using three amino acids: Glycine, Glutamate and Cysteine, which come from the food we consume. Glutathione isn’t found in any one food, but is manufactured in the raw materials consumed in the diet. Of the three amino acids which Glutathione uses cysteine is the most important and also the most elusive.

Cysteine is absent or missing in most North American diets. Without cysteine the production of Glutathione is dramatically hampered. With less GSH being generated the danger of oxidation within the body is a real possibility. Without routine glutathione production all body systems may be affected and go into decline. It’s believed that the nervous system is affected when Glutathione production declines. GSH shortage may result in lack of coordination, poor balance and tremors. Internal damage may become systemic, affecting each person differently.


With age, the production of GSH declines naturally, but if you factor in the reduced Glutathione production levels from the average person, the decrease in old age becomes quite rapid. The process isn’t merely because of low GSH levels independently, variables such as genetics and ill health have to be considered. Changes in the production of the very important protein is often associated with diet. Older adults grocery store less and cook . Many seniors lack the to cook 3 meals a day, so a is frequently neglected.

The raw materials which make GSH in the liver aren’t easy to find since all of the elements must come together and be available inside the cells for this process to occur. To supply these raw materials using undernatured (bioactive) whey proteins is very beneficial. GSH in pill form isn’t as successful because the active ingredients are largely destroyed by the digestive juices.


One method to ensure adequate Glutathione generation is to utilize Immunocal (R) and HMS 90 (R) that is a patented 90% pure whey protein generated from organic free of steroids and antibiotics. This under natured whey protein is certain to be bioactive together with the raw precursors required to create GSH. It’s a safe and effective product that increases Glutathione levels naturally. High levels of Glutathione/GSH guarantee longevity and good health; low levels don’t. GSH is needed by all body systems as well as our life is dependent on this critical protein to strengthen and encourage general cellular integrity. To your good health!