It’s a sad fact that too many people nowadays are overworked, deprived, pale from lack of sun and walking round with weak immune systems. Tens of thousands of individuals live and breath the workplace life, working long hours and sleeping too little, with the consequence being that they are vulnerable to catching infections and illness, not able to fight off even fundamental risks because of their weakened .


The question thus becomeshow do you boost your immune system or otherwise adopt healthy practices that reduce you chances of catching the ? In this report we will look at four basic techniques and pointers that will help you achieve just that. The first is the most fundamental, and it’ll cause you to roll your eyeswash your hands. Seriously. Time and time again it’s been demonstrated that this old chestnut preached incessantly by your parents is worth its weight in gold.

Nothing will stop your catching the flu over a good washing of your hands. During the daytime you touch and pick up and come into contact with hundreds of millions of germs, viruses and microbes, and your very best line of defense is an easy soapy hand wash.


Studies have shown that physical activity gives your immune system a huge boost, assisting you to stay fit and healthy and strong. A 2009 study revealed that individuals who exercised four times weekly for 45 minutes or more took 25% to 50% less time off than those who exercised less. Whether it’s cardio, competitive sports, weight lifting or yoga, exercise may be the basis upon which a healthy and strong immune system is constructed. The next tip may sound cheesy, but there is science behind it.


Play with friends, make with your lover, do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good. A study recently revealed that these pleasurable activities are directly related to a strong immune system, as helps dispel that’s one of the most significant depressors of the immune system. Whether you are taking your dog out to play or spending time with your kids, any action that boosts your positive energy will help also boost your immune system.