Although no qualified researcher will assert that can completely repair a damaged or weakened immune system, studies have found that moderate exercise can help strengthen the immune system against and sustain it over a time period.


Studies conducted in the area of health and nutrition may have experienced many contradicting results but from all of the research conducted it is apparent that exercise helps to decrease levels and has many beneficial effects on the body. Research conducted over the past few decades agree that with changes in lifestyle, several individuals are suffering from stress that has a negative effect on their health and well-being.

People who experience high levels of anxiety are more susceptible to common colds, digestive problems and regular bouts of . Typically fatigue is an indirect effect since stress contributes to reduced amounts of , hence they experience fatigue. But with regular exercise you can give vent to ones negative and help lower the levels of anxiety.


It also functions as an activity that helps to divert ones attention away from the outside factors causing the stress. Other benefits of moderate daily exercise include helping the cardiovascular system by enhancing the circulation of blood, eliminating the body of toxins in the muscles and organs as well as helping in the healthy functioning of the endocrine and by eliminating germs and circulating antibodies.

Thus exercise can help to protect the body from germs and disease while strengthening the immune system in precisely the exact same time. Another helpful advantage of exercising that the majority of us are not aware of is that it really helps to fight against colds, and other ailments. This is because when we exercise the body temperature increases slightly and this aids in killing the infecting organisms.


Studies conducted at the University of Colorado demonstrated that moderate exercise will help to prevent colds. It was found that people who had engaged in a regular exercise program were less likely to fall sick after a stressful event. However, those who had begun exercising just on exactly the exact same day of this stressful episode were less immune. The analysis was conducted on rats chiefly due to similarity in certain systems and their responses to people. Most folks exercise with the purpose of enhancing their body image and exercise when undertaken regularly and in the appropriate manner will help to achieve that. This improved body image contributes to high levels of self confidence and comfort in social conditions and so reduces stress while improving the immune system.