Easy loss is not possible by following a . You can focus your with diet plans. It is human nature to seek pleasure and avoid suffering. It is easy to by using traditional methods because your subconscious mind is programmed this way. For pleasure, you will have to give up the treats you , restrict your diet, and monitor what you eat. Your subconscious mind will stop you hurting yourself. You feel helpless and helpless, without any willpower.

Natural Desire

You can reverse the process by capitalizing on your natural desire to find pleasure. If you’re like most people, your motivation to lose weight is to feel better. You are saying, “If you lose weight, you will feel good.” You can reverse this to say, “If you feel good, you will lose weight.” This shifts your focus away from the pain and suffering of dieting to the joy of feeling good. You can easily achieve your desired weight with a little mental trickery. You will feel great every step of your journey!

How can feeling good help you lose weight? Because you aren’t doing something you hate like dieting. You’re doing something that you enjoy, like feeling good. You will feel better and will eat in moderation. You will also learn to resist the temptation to eat more snacks. You really want the good feeling that you get from eating, not the snacks. If you already enjoy the joy of eating, you won’t have to stop enjoying it. You will feel good and gain lots of energy.


What happens when you have lots of energy? You become very active. You burn calories and lose weight when you are active. Your vibrational energy directly affects your and weight. Your vibration will determine how active you are and how much calories you burn. You must think about what will bring you when you are trying to raise your vibration.

Happy feelings are those that are free from . Peace and love should be at your top of your priority list. You can take control of your feelings and not be dependent on circumstances. You will only make yourself more helpless by telling yourself, “It is so difficult to lose weight,” or “It is impossible to eat right now.” You believe what you believe to be true. It might not be true for you, but that’s okay. When it comes to feeling happy, feeling good and reaching your ideal weight, it’s all about YOU. You can easily shed pounds by creating empowering subconscious beliefs. You can say “I lose weight quickly now” or “By being happy I lose weight.

” It doesn’t have to be difficult to believe and evoke a positive feeling. is a powerful tool that allows you to see yourself in the future as if it were right now. A picture album can be used as a vision board. A vision board is a collection of all the things you desire for the future. A vision board can be made more effective by including things you already have. It’s not what you want but the feeling you get from having it. It’s best to create the positive feeling that you already have it. It can be difficult to get the feeling you desire before you actually have it. If you have your future desires included with what you already own, you will be able to look through all the photos with the same positive feeling.

Keep your album to a maximum of ten photos. The last photo should be of you in the way you want it to look. There are many apps that can make you appear thinner. You can also take a photo of a thin person to make it look like you. You could be holding a sign showing your weight goal or saying, “I did it!” Before you go to bed, take a look at your album. Also, check it out whenever you feel low during the day.


You will feel happy when you reach the last picture of your future wish. Refer to your future desires as if it were already in your life. You have the power to be, do, and have everything you want. Your mind is the first place where physical manifestations begin. Your current situation is a result of what you thought previously. What you think now will determine where you end up in the future.