Colds or flu occurs when the immune system is at an all time low. Whether the excesses of Christmas, too much alcohol, or the consumption of processed foods – all create a toxic overload that stresses the body and lowers your resistance to disease. When you take over the counter remedies to relieve symptoms, you aren’t simply adding more toxins into the body but you’re also setting yourself up for problems later on.

Did you know?

Using drugs for colds and influenza means that viruses become resistant. This is the reason the’’ appears to get worse every year. This does not mean that you ought not take drugs, but you will need to allow your body an opportunity to rid itself of the disease first. Our immune system is by far the most complicated yet remarkable system inside our body and its function is to protect us from damaging organisms, so the best way to handle infections of any sort is to enhance our in built ‘defence’ mechanism.

The strength of your immune system depends on nutrients ingested in the food you consume. However, if your diet is deficient in fresh organic fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholegrains, then it’s unlikely you’ll be getting all the nutrients you need in order to build your immune system. Therefore short term use of supplements is perfect whilst you improve your diet. Aim to consume foods that form the colors of the rainbow as this will ensure that you are obtaining a huge selection of nutrients.


Antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E, Zinc and help fight off free radicals. together with has a greater antioxidant effect. Vitamin C attacks free radicals in the biologic fluids whilst vitamin E appears free radicals in the cell membrane. Vitamin C may also help decrease the duration of a cold. Vitamin A helps protect against colds and flu by preventing foreign invaders from entering the body. EFAs are crucial to the manufacturing and rebuilding of fresh cells. EFAs can only be acquired through the diet and contrary to current belief, EFAs won’t increase weight.

The truth is they help people to lose weight. Avocados, nuts and seeds, wild caught fish like salmon, trout, , sardines, cold-pressed organic oils like flax, hemp, walnut, borage and olive oil are excellent sources of EFAs. Pau d’arco, Cat’s Claw, Fungi and Astragalus contain chemicals which are believed to help stimulate the immune system and destroy harmful micro-organisms.


Herbs can be strong and some are contraindicated with particular medications, so it is a good idea to seek advice from a qualified herbal professional or medical practitioner. Simple changes like deep breathing, exercise (swimming, dancing, brisk walking, playing, sports), diminishing processed and refined foods, losing weight, quitting smoking, reducing stress and decreasing alcohol can help keep your immune system in tip top condition. The trick to good health is dependent on what you put into your body and how you care for it. If you eat dense foods, drink filtered or pure water every day, and incorporate simple lifestyle changes, your body will self heal and thus provide you years of optimal health.