You can now satisfy your cravings without a shred of guilt! Are you among the countless individuals who crave chocolate? That is OK because cocoa is truly quite good for you. Hot Cocoa made with pure cocoa powder contains more antioxidants than green tea or wine. Now there are all organic hot cocoa products which are obviously healthy with the inclusion of herbal infusions that boost immune response and physical performance.


Several health focused companies have included the immune boosting properties of Cordyceps and Ganoderma for their hot cocoa products. These Chinese herbs have been proven to improve physical performance and immune system response. People are clamoring for this healthful hot chocolate substitute. Drinking hot chocolate can help you fight off colds and influenza. You can now enjoy a chocolate hot cocoa that’s healthy as it possibly can be. When cocoa is infused with these medicinal herbs you’re receiving a rich chocolate beverage that releases these excess health benefits when you warm the chocolate.

On top of that, all you taste is rich creamy yummy gourmet hot cocoa. Cordyceps has been used for treating many ailments including: chronic respiratory ailments such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic , chronic renal failure, diminished , diabetes, emphysema, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis B and respiratory ailments. Some folks remember the way the Chinese olympic athletes of 1999 used cordyceps to help them win many metals.

Wist je dat?

Cordyceps has been demonstrated to boost athletic performance as it helps increase blood circulation and oxygen supplies throughout the body. This includes blood circulation to your brain also. The herb ganoderma will help in helping your body cleanse itself from an assortment of toxins as it obviously strengthens your immune system. It assists with liver detoxification, and also improves liver function by stimulating the regeneration of liver cells.

Ganoderma has been demonstrated to modulate the endocrine and immune systems, prevent tumors, improve circulation and remove harmful free radicals. These miraculous herbs have become infused with pure cocoa for a hot drink that tastes creamy and rich while it enhances your immune system.

It’s official!

Chocolate is now a health ! Good cocoa bean chocolate is an extremely intricate food that’s truly very great for you. Chocolate has gotten a bad reputation because people over eat poor excellent chocolate products that are full of cheap and sugar saturated fats. The fantasy that cocoa, leads to obesity, tooth decay and skin problems simply isn’t correct. Recently, new studies have proven that cocoa is significantly higher in antioxidants than green tea or wine and can assist in lowering cholesterol levels, boosting blood flow in addition to reducing hypertension. Unsweetened pure cocoa powder is also full of minerals.

When it’s sweetened naturally with something like rapedura, a natural sugar cane sweetener, it will become a highly effective nutritional resource. Do your vitamins taste like chocolate? A recent study by Norman Hollenberg, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School suggested cearly that organic cocoa has very substantial levels of epicatechin. The health advantages of epicatechin, a chemical found in cocoa, are so strong that it might rival penicillin and anesthesia concerning significance to public health.


Dr. Hollenberg said that epicatechin is so important that it needs to be considered a vitamin. Many industrial chocolates undergo a procedure called dutching. This involves soaking the nib or the cocoa mass in sodium or potassium carbonate. Commercial chocolate companies also get rid of the flavanols like epicatechin in their cocoa due to their bitter taste. They add loads of processed sugars, preservatives and other additives frequently reducing the real cocoa content to less than 15 percent per cocoa drink mix. Have you been drinking hot sugar water? This means when you buy those handy hot chocolate packs you’re really drinking mainly hot sugar with artificial chocolate flavor. No wonder chocolate has turned into such a bad reputation because of its unhealthy. It’s not the cocoa that’s unhealthy; it’s the additional substances, milk solids and sugar which has made chocolate a bad food. In fact, naturally sweetened, pure organic cocoa is a excellent addition to your everyday diet. Look for a hot cocoa which uses a high proportion of cocoa powder and adds cordyceps and ganoderma for boosting your immune system.