This guide isn’t about a medication or Detoxen; het gaat erom ons lichaam te ontdoen van alle schadelijke gifstoffen die we in de loop der tijd hebben opgenomen, door slechte eetgewoonten en door te leven in een vervuilde atmosfeer. We leven in een omgeving vol chemicaliën die voorkomen in voedsel, water en de lucht die we inademen, met als gevolg dat ons lichaam lijdt aan chronische ziekten, allergieën en een slechte gezondheid.

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Processed foods, have been stripped of their nutrients, contain refined sugars, compounds and artificial food additives not initially intended for human consumption, which add to the already heavy burden on our systems which are attempting to maintain a healthy balance. We can help the body to detoxify itself naturally, by eating nutritious meals, and drinking plenty of clean water. When we avoid toxic food, our liver and kidneys can remove harmful toxins, and restore a natural balance and health to the body so that we can work better, and live a healthier life.

Als je "JA" hebt geantwoord op een van de bovenstaande vragen, lees dan verder! Ons lichaam probeert de hele dag door te ontgiften, maar we helpen niet door de belasting dagelijks te vergroten. Het is hard werken voor het lichaam om zich te ontdoen van schadelijke gifstoffen. Wanneer we stoppen met ons lichaam te overbelasten met giftig voedsel, laten we ons systeem op natuurlijke wijze ontgiften. Herwin uw gezondheid met een 30-daagse detox. Een detox care lifestyle programma gaat niet over het opgeven van bepaalde voedingsmiddelen voor een maand - het gaat over het creëren van kleine, permanente veranderingen, duidelijke opties - en het ontvangen van enorme resultaten.

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This isn’t a diet – you will find no weighing of parts or calorie counting – it’s a health programme, a lifestyle. It’s not an intense weight loss program, nor is it a low-carb and dieting fad diet. In 30 days you’ll have the ability to change your mindset and change your eating habits; to train your body to want to eat”clean” food – vegetables, fruit, legumes, fish, and nuts, and not to want sugar, meat, , wheat, coffee or processed foods. In these 30 days you’ll also learn how to distinguish between when you’re really hungry, when you THINK you’re hungry, or if you need to eat for emotional reasons, and introduce yourself to smaller portions and no second helpings.

Voordat u begint met uw detox, wilt u zich zowel geestelijk als lichamelijk voorbereiden. De mentale voorbereiding is misschien wel het moeilijkst. Je moet die keuze maken, en de verplichting aangaan om 30 dagen lang het beste van jezelf te geven. Slechts 30 dagen. Stel een begindatum vast. Vertel het je echtgenoot, beste vriend, iemand die je zal aanmoedigen en hopelijk met je mee zal doen, en bespreek de reis naar een betere gezondheid.

The first 3 days are the toughest, so plan to start when you know you can have complete control of what you eat – preferably not when you’re going to parties or eating outside. Clear out “poisonous” foods from the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets – e.g. wheat products (bread, pasta, cookies), sugar, meat, poultry, milk products, processed foods. Essential shopping – meals you will need to have in the home before beginning. A serving of goat cheese is a valuable source of protein and contains fewer dangerous substances while providing similar if not more and mineral content. E, contains vitamins A and K, iron, , , potassium, . Source of medium-chain fatty acids. Dry brush body scrub.

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Take your body brush, and brush your legs, arms, tummy and back with firm, even strokes towards your heart – not away from the heart, as you may faint. Take a hot shower, and then stand for a few moments under the cold water. This helps remove toxins from the skin, and stimulates an overall feeling of well-being. Moisturise your skin. Use up all those half-finished bottles which are lying around in your toilet. Eat three meals per day at regular intervals. Always eat breakfast within 90 minutes of getting up. Your have been all night, and your body needs to replenish its energy.

It’s better to eat your evening as soon as possible, to enable the digestion process to work before going to bed. For a wholesome snack in case you actually need it – a bit of celery, half an apple, a carrot. Don’t just eat thoughtlessly, automatically, since it is there – be consciously aware of what you put into your mouth. Drink a lot of water – at least 1.5 litres every day. To keep down portion sizes, try drinking a glass of water 15 minutes before your meal. It’ll fill you up, and you’ll eat less.

Include at least one of these “super-foods” daily – beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, garlic, grapes, honey, onions, spinach, tomatoes – have one part of whole grain rice, three portions each of veggies, raw fruit, and salad, at least one part of olive oil, and non-dairy cheese or yogurt, and 2 portions of some of the following – fish, nuts, legumes. This way you’re covered – with adequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your healthy, luminous body. Walk into the local market as opposed to push to the super – more fun anyway, and avoids the temptation of all of the processed junk foods.