Mint is most popularly grown in just about all Indian homes in their backyard or in flower pots. It’s most common in India. My Granny and my mother use this in the majority of the home remedies it’s used in many dishes also. These leaves have amazing effect used in any form. The most common is liquid beverages as appetizer and spice. It gains in weight loss, digestion, and relief from , treatment of asthma, loss of , care, headache, depression and fatigue.


Mint, scientifically called is most popularly used as a mouth freshener. All most all of the toothpaste use mint in their preparation. It’s over 100 of variety and two dozen species. This herb is used for at least a decade. A large assortment of products is available on the market today. Mouth freshener, chewing gum, toothpaste, candy, inhalers, etc. use mint as its base component. A health benefit of mint has range to provide: beginning from home, we can detect many distinct advantages of Mint.

  • Skin care and pimples: A very helpful element is that the mint oil to treat skin acne, pimples and infections. A very helpful antiseptic and anti-Puritan component, its juice can be utilised as the very best skin cleanser. This can be utilised as the ideal home to treat insect bites reduces irritation, swelling and scratch, most commonly used as a insect repellent in your home to kill insects. It smells pleasant to people but is disagreeable to insects.
  • Respiratory cough and disease: The Strong odor of the mint oil warms up the way to breathe freely and relief from common cold and discomforts. The principal component of balms includes mint oil that’s easier to use. Digestion: As an antioxidant and a excellent appetizer, promotes digestion and soothes in inflammations and indigestion. The mint tea or herbal tea available on the market is the smartest choice for the simple tea. It relieves in the stomach pain. Those who are having nausea during travel are indicated to take mint oil in their dressing.
  • Nausea and headache: Rubbing the mint oil or the balm on forehead, nose, throat and behind the ears may offer comfort from headache and throat congestion. The irritation caused due to common cold can be best prevented by using freshly crushed mint leaf or mint vapors inhaled.
  • Depression and fatigue: The odor or the odor of the fresh mint leaf can control your senses when you are feeling depressed, tired, lethargic and dizzy. Use in the tub time can make you feel fresh whole day. A couple of drops of mint in pillow or in hankie can readily be employed to work on your own senses. I often give my kids two to three drops of mint oil in their hankies and maintain in their pockets. It prevents from infections and allergies in children.
  • Asthma: The asthmatics can use to avoid the congestion and feel rested. But the surplus use must be avoided to reduce irritation of the nose. The use of pure herb can be beneficial if followed by Yoga asana to avoid asthma.
  • Breastfeeding: A mom can better comprehend the joy of breastfeeding but occasionally may also feel the pain of cracked nipples. A gentle massage of mint oil can aid on breastfeeding. But after pregnancy, prevent using mint as it might affect lactation.
  • Memory loss and Weight loss: Once more mint are supposedly applied as the brain activator. It can activate the mind whenever you’re feeling dizzy and keep you alert. Chewing of mint foundation gum may keep your senses energetic. Intake of mint in any form can stimulate the digestive enzymes, which absorb fats into usable energy.
  • Allergies and Hay fever: Having a poor may be the principal cause of allergy. The change of weather and dust strikes the human body and can result in severe irritations and fever this might be quite decisive sometimes. The correct use of peppermint oil or the mint tea can give relief to the victim. Oral care: Oral care may be obtained in the kind of toothpaste, mouth freshener or just chew some new leaves which could refresh your oral perceptions and prevent bad breath.
  • Cancer: Expert research had made clear that regular use of mint in our everyday diet or in any form can prevent the threat of Cancer. The Potent phytochemical can stop from other kinds of Cancer. Medicinal and relaxing: The mint Comprises Calcium, Prosperous, a Little Bit of Vitamin B and Vitamin C, D and E, manganese, .

Nota finale

As an antibacterial it relief the senses and keeps you relaxed. Pudina or the mint leaf may be utilised in many unique ways; a few fresh leaves boiled in water may be utilised as a tea. Some fresh leaves followed with couple of garlic, green chilies, cumin seeds and salt for taste can be wrapped together and used as a sauce on bread or some other snacks. A refreshing beverage ‘JalJira’ a very soothing beverage during summers it is made up of mangoes, chillies, plenty of mint leaf, garlic, coriander, common salt and rock salt all blended together and mixed in water and afterwards strained and add a dash of lemon and sugar to improve the flavor. This drink keeps you fresh and lively throughout summer. Peppermint Candy can be very popularly used as in its green color and taste. Even Pudinhara is best used for stomach issues.