Not only are cherries among the most satisfying and tasty foods around, they’re rated by the American Journal of Nutrition at the “Top 50 List” of meals with the most effective nutritional content and benefits. It’s the deep red, blue and purple colours of the very best berries that contain the plant compounds delivering a powerful punch against .


Recent research studies have found the health benefits of cherries contain muscle pain relief, reducing inflammation, remedying sleeplessness, protection of cells, and relief for knee arthritis. Many of the scientific studies on cherries are complete with sour cherries or Montmorency cherries – usually sold as juice, dried, frozen, and in powdered supplements. For those searching for a food-based treatment for sleeplessness and insomnia, the tart Montmorency cherry is known to contain elevated levels of melatonin, the hormone made in the brain which modulates the adrenal cycle.

The European Journal of Nutrition introduced a placebo-controlled research that demonstrated drinking sour cherry juice raises serotonin and improves sleep quality. Drinking the juice caused longer sleep times, less daytime napping and higher overall sleep efficiency (the proportion of the time spent in bed to the time actually spent sleeping).


These also give proven relief for men and women that would like to decrease muscle pain or soreness after exercise or plenty of physical activity. A study by a sports nutrition journal found that runners who drank sour cherry juice before and during a race, experienced less pain afterwards. The elevated levels of properties in cherries provided a protective effect against muscle damage. In the struggle against belly fat, cherries can be a fantastic weapon. In one animal study from the University of Michigan, scientists blended entire sour cherry powder in with a high fat diet.

The animals that ate the cherries had a lower , lower cholesterol and significantly lower levels of the sort of inflammation that is linked to heart disease and diabetes in people. Fat cells are described as”chemically active” ones which may diminish the strength of their immune system and contribute to the onset of widespread inflammation. In a study where people drank eight ounces of sour cherry juice every day for a month, it was shown that inflammation has been reduced in the body in a number of the most crucial blood markers of it.

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is the most common type of arthritis. It causes chronic pain, , and decreased motion in joints. It may occur in any joint, but generally it affects knees, hands, hips or spine. In a recent study at the Baylor Research Institute, scientists gave sour cherry powder capsules to individuals with knee osteoarthritis. At the end of the eight week study, over 50 percent of those people benefited with great increases in motion and significant decrease in pain. For better brain health as one ages, a study by the journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry has shown that tart cherries protect brain cells from cell-damaging at a dose-dependent method. To put it differently, when more cherries are consumed, there are more neuro-protective advantages for the mind. This shows a possible defense against conditions like Alzheimer’s.