Is a relaxing treatment which can be good for anxiety, back pain, , neck stiffness, joint pain, decreased mobility, whiplash accidents and sports injuries. Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning ‘finger pressure’. Shiatsu is a therapeutic technique that uses the fingers and palms to apply stress to specific areas of the body. To preserve good and help ward off of illness, shiatsu massage uses manipulative techniques and hand pressure to correct the imbalances of the body.

Shiatsu Massage

How Does it Work? Early types of massage used rubbing, squeezing, stroking, tapping, pushing and pulling so as to affect the circulatory system and the muscles of the body. Shiatsu massage is significantly simpler. The palms, fingers and thumbs are utilized to employ a still, relaxed pressure at different points within the body. Despite the apparent simplicity, these simple movements can have a profound influence on the body’s energy on a subtle level making it flows easily.

The opinion of is that energy,’chi’ circulates along channels called meridians. Free flowing chi brings powerful fresh energy and carries away spent energy together with toxins. Headache, insomnia, or depression is viewed as obstructed or redirected chi which must be removed and restored. Also called Zen Shiatsu, there are numerous unique kinds of shiatsu massage. Some focus on acupressure points, others highlight more general work on the body.

During a Session

As explained, when an individual experiences a hassle, it’s viewed as more than only 1 event. It’s not merely a pain occurring in the mind to be cured with no respect for its own origins. It’s viewed as a barrier of chi. Chi relates to the total energy routines of an individuals body, their specific conditions and lifestyle. Treatment therefore, will be put on the entire body as a whole rather than just into the area where pain has been experienced. Treating the body as a whole instead of trying to halt the superficial symptoms brings about a more powerful and more lasting change.

During a Shiatsu massage session, the practitioner uses hands, fingers and thumbs to detect and fix problems on the surface of the body. The avoidance and healing of illnesses is encouraged by stimulating the immune system. As the entire body is treated, the natural ability to heal is stimulated as shiatsu massage functions to restore the bodily functions of the nervous system, the circulatory system, muscles and structure. Shiatsu massage helps encourages individuals in moving towards a greater awareness of health and well-being by correcting the body’s physical structure and its own natural inner energies.


As with the majority of massage treatments, Shiatsu massage might not be suitable for certain medical problems. These include, but aren’t limited to, acute disorders, malignant tumours, acute inflammation, serious internal organ disease and ulcers. As with any free therapy you need to contact your physician prior to embarking on a course of treatment. Your first session will begin with an initial consultation. During conversation you notify your practitioner which places you want worked on. You should wear loose, thin, comfortable clothing, such as cotton or linen when attending a Shiatsu Massage and expect to lie flat on the ground. Your Shiatsu massage will involve extending and rotating of joints, manipulation of pressure points and deep breathing. Proponents of Shiatsu massage believe it is both preventative and healing. They indicate that regular sessions together with stretching, exercise, and a healthy , may improve your wellbeing.