During the cold and flu season, lots of is paid to immune boosters like echinacea. However, that herb isn’t the only defense you can mount against illness, and a number of them might surprise you.

Prendete nota!

  • : No surprise here, as advertisements for various C laced products abound this time of year. Adequate C intake can help your immune system. It’s an important Vitamin not generated by the body.
  • Vitamin E: While this is largely thought of as being used for skin care, in addition, it plays a role in your immune system. It may be boosted by Vitamin C, so both could be taken together.
  • Betacarotene: The usage of the chemical is to increase the amount of cells that fight infections and disorders attacking the body. It may even be helpful for those who have a compromised immune system, though that should be checked out by your physician.
  • Zinc: Studies show that even a small deficiency in this mineral can cause the immune system to weaken dramatically. On the other hand, it is easy to overdose on zinc should you take nutritional supplements. Check with your physician to discover how much is ideal for you.
  • Water: Adequate hydration is crucial for a whole lot of reasons. You do not necessarily need to drink all 64 oz as water, some can come through your meals. Juices count, but , and cola beverages do not count. In actuality, they detract from your liquid intake count. Echinacea, garlic and Omega-3s are famous for boosting immune defense, but there are things that could detract.


  • Excess Sugar: There’s some debate about whether excess sugar directly impacts your immune system. However, it can be a secondary problem because filling up on sugar leaves no desire for healthy foods. It may also lead to .
  • Excess : Like sugar (in part because it’s sugar), alcohol may halt the appetite and stop eating healthier foods. In addition, it can damage other organs, especially the liver.
  • Fat: Foods high in saturated fat can decrease immune response oftentimes. However, not all fats are bad for it. Those found in cold water and flax seeds may actually enhance the response.
  • Food Allergens: Under those conditions, the body starts to attack itself, which can not be of benefit. Finding out what they are and removing them is important to remaining healthy.