Molte persone soffrono di una malattia nascosta sensitivities which may be delayed, lively and frequently unrecognised. Weight gain, IBS, , skin disorders, mood disorder, fog, chronic fatigue, cramps and joint pains. The allergies due to these hidden food sensitivities differ from person to person and can enable you to come up with a whole variety of problems, eventually resulting in inflammatory illnesses.

Sistema immunitario

Cosa sta influenzando il tuo sistema immunitario e perché reagisce in questo modo? In un corpo sano l'intestino tenue si comporta come un setaccio specifico, permettendo ai nutrienti e agli amidi ben digeriti, alle proteine e ai grassi digeriti di entrare nel nostro sangue, mentre tiene fuori tossine, microbi e molecole massive. Tuttavia, il problema sorge quando abbiamo un'aumentata permeabilità intestinale, altrimenti chiamata Leaky Gut Syndrome.

As 70 percent of our immune system can be found around the digestive system, our is affected when the intestinal lining becomes inflamed along with the vital enzymes and secretions necessary for healthy e l'assorbimento dei nutrienti non vengono generati, permettendo a molecole più grandi, tossine e germi di manovrare attraverso. Cos'è l'intestino pigro e come influisce su di te? Leaky Gut è un tessuto danneggiato sul tuo tratto intestinale che causa la crescita di grandi spazi tra le cellule della parete intestinale, permettendo così a germi, cibo e tossine di fluire nel flusso sanguigno.


Healthy people have strong immune systems that control the leakage of poisonous substances but when the immune system becomes more burdened, the toxins flow into the causing it to become overworked and overloaded. An overworked liver can’t cope with these extra toxins, therefore keeping them in the body cells where they’re viewed as foreign substances by the immune system. The immune system attacks these foreign substances by sending out radicals; the toxic oxidants created by the body attack the body cells, causing allergic reactions, inflammation and pain throughout the body. Left untreated, a leaky gut can eventually lead to irreversible damage to your joint tissue.

What’s Causing You to Have Leaky Gut? How can Aloe Vera Help Your Leaky Gut? Aloe Vera has consistently demonstrated to be successful for digestive disorders, healing and internal tissue damage. The Gel found in Aloe Vera has wound-healing results and tends to modulate the many bacteria and yeasts that inhabit the gut. It acts as a steroid, but with no side effects and detoxifies the body . There is clinical evidence to demonstrate that ingestion of this gel allows the gut to absorb the nutrients from food better, especially . Combined with a e stile di vita, l'Aloe Vera rafforzerà il vostro sistema immunitario rigenerando il tessuto danneggiato sul vostro rivestimento intestinale e agendo come un eccezionale supplemento nutrizionale.