Some have claimed that its antioxidant properties may prevent or treat many age-related diseases like heart disease, cataracts and strokes. In 1999 Berkeley Wellness have a look at this much-touted supplement and concluded that”it could one day end up being quite important but it was too premature to recommend it.”


Since that time, though, many more studies are completed along with the benefits of ALA are very well defined. ALA plays an essential role in the human body’s ability to produce . In actuality, the body itself makes ALA for this purpose. However, when there’s more ALA from the system than is required, it takes on the properties of an antioxidant. The only way to achieve too much ALA, however, is to take supplements containing it; the body creates more than it requires.

Additionally, it works with vitamins E and C in addition to other antioxidants by recycling them that makes them more effective. There are lots of ongoing human studies of utilizing ALA as a preventative or cure for heart disease, strokes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It’s also being considered to counteract declines in energy, muscle strength, function and immunity.

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Other potential uses of ALA include treating HIV and multiple sclerosis. ALA eliminates peroxyol, peroxynitrite, hydroxyl, alkoxyl and superoxide radicals amongst many others. It is both soluble and soluble. Its small size enables it to reduce oxidation in locations where other supplements may not such as oxidation within the cell nucleus enabling it to protect the DNA, helping to protect against the degredation of DNA which could cause many age related diseases.

Stabilization of Blood Sugar – As mentioned previously, ALA has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for . It affects glucose uptake by enhancing insulin sensitivity. Insulin resistance diminished , oxygen availability an glucose uptake in muscle during . It could also improve insulin sensitivity when coupled with exercise.

Hemodilation – ALA helps increase the amount of nicric oxide in the blood stream causing the circulatory system to dilate (the blood vessels get larger ) which helps reduce blood pressure and increase blood circulation to the muscles. Improve Cognitive Function – it’s been oufn do decreae three indices of oxidative in the brain which then reverses memory impairment and enhances cognition. It has also been demonstrated to help increase neural blood circulation and enhance nerve conduction.


The best approach to take ALA would be to take doses of 100 mg every day in a mixture of 50 percent R-ALA and 50 percent S-ALA (each edition of ALA has its own effectiveness and effects). Additionally it is advised that those taking ALA should also take vitamins E and C in addition to N-acetyl cysteine because all, when taken collectively, compliment the effectiveness and favorable effects of the others. Using ALA as a nutritional supplement is that there are no known interactions with drugs and no known negative side effects.

Essentially, ALA is the best nutritional supplement – all the advantage without any of the threat. Although not specifically recommended as a loss supplement, the ability of ALA to induce the body to make energy (burn off calories ) can without doubt help with weight loss particularly when combined with appropriate and exercise. HLF is poised to become the central focus of anyone interested in weight loss in addition to a premier outlet for those in the weight loss industry trying to disseminate information to the dieting community.