It’s good from time to time to have a refresher course in self-care. Let’s spend some time talking about boosting your immune system so that you may help yourself and stay healthy through this winter influenza season. In our keep-doing-more society we seldom allow our minds and bodies to find the rest and rejuvenation they genuinely need.


Dormire molto e trovare il tempo per riposare è fondamentale per mantenere un sistema immunitario forte. È durante il riposo e il sonno che il corpo si ripristina. Ci sono numerosi altri elementi per creare e mantenere una forte difesa da malattie e virus. Uno che voglio esaminare oggi è il cibo. Non si sente tanto parlare di cibo al giorno d'oggi? Si parla molto della giusta dieta.

It seems there are lots of experts advising us on what’s best. From vegetarianism, veganism, and raw food diets, to high , low carbohydrate, fermented or ten fruits and veggies per day, how can you know what’s best for your own body? One simple guideline is sensible to follow: highlight foods found in nature. Along with fermented veggies, this is the diet that’s been consumed in many wholesome cultures for centuries. Foods from character give the body strength and strength.

Lo sapevi?

Fermented vegetables (like sauerkraut, kimchi) create healthy intestinal flora. Most Americans aren’t eating for nourishment since they’re eating processed and packaged foods. Whatever comes in a box, can, or bundle that’s been pre-made likely has hardly any nutrients. I believe these foods to be dead. Void of life. I think this is the reason behind obesity in America. Packaged and processed foods are consumed as a matter of course. They provide the body few nutrients while robbing it of others. The “I’m hungry” signal continues to shine and the man or woman is never satisfied.


Healthy fats, some healthy saturated fats, are missing from our normal diet. In their place are processed oils – recall margarine and the way it was supposed to be better for you than butter? That is incorrect. For centuries a number of our ancestors ate butter and did not possess the rates of obesity and disease that we now have. Plus, our ancestors ate foods found in nature and lived in a world with no antibiotics or other pharmaceutical drugs or drugs. They stayed powerful enough to spawn another generation, of which we’re descendants.

So what exactly does this imply in terms of you keeping a strong against the flu and other insects? If you would like health, I suggest eating foods found in nature only. Avoid all processed and pre-packaged foods. This means you’ll skip the canned food. No canned soups, chili, or other similar substances that for some reason can be kept for years in the cabinet. Same with dry, boxed stuff. Your body won’t get the nutrients it needs to keep its energy over time.

Tenete a mente

Most packaged products are laden with chemicals that maintain, color, or make them more palatable. Many of those chemicals give rise to cancer, among other ailments. Such convenience foods include in 1 form or another, the most insidious and life-taking appearing to be high fructose corn syrup, used to sweeten dead food due to its cheap price tag. Sugar, in all its forms, will drain the nutrients from you and deplete your immune system. So what’s a whole foods diet exactly and how can you make it more prominent on your life?

When you arrive in the current market, notice that the living food is about the outside of the store where they keep it moist or cold. Notice all the food that is dead is at the center aisles. This makes your shopping quick and effortless. If something has come directly from nature, it is a move, a green light, a yes. If it’s been processed by man, and it has added ingredients, it is a stop, do not touch. This may extreme, but it would not to your grandmother, your great grandma, or all of the ancestors that came before them. It’s only extreme to an overweight, exhausted, nervous, depressed population with increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all kinds of other ailments that grandma didn’t have.


This is one significant and highly effective step you can take to keep your health: eat foods that are alive. Cook them if you desire, stew themmake soups, roast, bake, or anything you desire. I’m not an advocate of getting it all raw. But do make sure to make your choices wisely and provide your body food which nourishes rather than meals that depletes. You’ll notice different people taking medication to get some ailment since they microwave their next processed meal as you will feel a good deal better. Besides that, people will begin asking you why you look so great.