In una città amichevole dove tutti si conoscono, un sacco di cowboy sono in un bar a godersi una birra in un caldo pomeriggio. Uno sconosciuto entra nel pub e viene notato dai rilassanti e amichevoli cowboy. Lo straniero diventa competitivo e inizia una discussione. I cowboy cominciano immediatamente a difendere la loro terra, la loro gente e la loro città.

Our immune system functions like the cowboys. It’s relaxed until a foreign invasion enters and then our immune system mobilizes. As an example, in case you cut your self or being exposed to someone with cold or flu, your immune response (the friendly cowboys) go into action and become your fighter cells. Every cell goes into high gear to protect your immediate problem, and protect your body so the won’t spread.

The Immune system is your most important line of defensive energy to the body. It protects the body from invasion of infectious microorganism such as germs, bacteria, and parasites that are parasitic. These organisms exist in our everyday lives in water, food, and exposure to people and animals. Every time you eat or drink, these bacteria’s and germs enter the body.


Quindi cosa succede quando questi invasori stranieri entrano nel corpo? L'acido cloridrico nello stomaco è la prima linea di difesa. È abbastanza potente da uccidere la maggior parte dei batteri cattivi che sono naturali all'acqua e al cibo, ma alcuni possono subire. Quando facciamo una valutazione digestiva completa per i nostri pazienti, spesso troviamo infezioni batteriche croniche a livelli elevati nell'intestino grande e piccolo. Il sistema immunitario è quindi richiesto per combattere questi organismi invasori.

Quando le infezioni non sono trattate, si iscrivono come infezioni croniche e persistenti di basso grado nell'intestino. Le cellule combattenti (i cowboy amichevoli) sono simili a piccoli Pac-Men che si muovono intorno agli invasori cattivi superando davvero gli invasori e rovinandoli. Perché il tuo sistema immunitario potrebbe essere debole Un sistema immunitario altamente funzionante è normale per il tuo bambino alla nascita. È tra i più significativi meccanismi naturali di sopravvivenza.

Lo sapevi?

Babies can eat quite dirty things off the floor, not get sick. The in mother’s is what strengthens their immune reaction. Some of us are born with weak immune systems due to their genetics or due to less good health of the mother once the infant is in utero. As we develop, the immune system’s job is very similar to the cowboys from the pub. As soon as there’s a foreign invasion that they ramp up to guard the body. The immune cells then will fight a powerful battle and many flu, colds, and infections will be naturally handled by the body’s own defensive energy. A fever is a sign that a large battle has been fought.

Molti uomini e donne stanno usando medication for infections. These medications became popular only in the past 50 years. They’ve saved many lives, but the overuse has caused weakness into the immune response system. 1 causes of poor immune reaction. They are great for fighting disease but this chronic overuse causes breakdown in immune response and systemic yeast. Weaken immune response can also be brought on by poor diet, lack of exercise, too much daily stress and chronic depression.

Cellule immunitarie

These are made by the spleen and bone marrow, and by nutrients which are taken into the body via the breakdown of the very important nutrients in food, and supplements. When you don’t have the correct vital nutrients there’s nothing to nourish and create immune cells. Acidophilus is a naturally occurring friendly bacteria which resides in the large intestine. It’s essential for digestion and breakdown of foods and proper digestive function and immune reaction.

Modi naturali

Astragalus is a renowned Chinese herb that’s been clinically tested used in very large doses to boost t-cell and white cell production.

Il colostro è il particolare ingrediente del latte materno che fa sì che i bambini abbiano un forte sistema immunitario. Questo materiale potrebbe essere sintetizzato dal latte vaccino.

Ginseng – A renowned Chinese herb used in large doses to boost power and strengthen the immune system. Chinese


Formule a base di erbe - Ginseng e Astragali, ,Three Imperial Mushrooms and Zhong Gong Ling have been demonstrated to boost immune function and shed viral loads. Monolaurin is a derivative of an amino acid which may be used for fighting and down loading high viral loads. It’s particularly great for acute and chronic infections of Herpes and Epstein Barr virus. I hope this report will help to make some understanding of how the immune system works and it can be improved and repaired.