Today we will make “Mom’s Barley ”. It’s early March, and in many places there is still plenty of snow at the ground. It’s wonderful to make a pot of heating, nutritious soup when it is chilly outside. Though learning how to make something new requires a little effort, you have made taken step one by “showing up” and you will be astonished how simple it is! So, get ready to learn how to create this unbelievable soup.

Let’s see…

The 1918 Spanish epidemic was dreadful, over forty million people died worldwide. That’s a good deal of people in 1 flu epidemic. A woman homeopath who helped many people to get well, treated her patients homeopathically and gave them barley broth. Barley includes high levels of , which is very supportive to the immune system.

Beta glucan is a chemical which helps the hormones and neurological messengers of the immune system communicate more efficiently. This soup is chock full of immune boosting ingredients and excellent levels of beta glucans. What’s really important now, is that you find how fast and easy the soup would be to make. Once you learn how easy it is, you will realize that no kitchen should be without a pot of healthy, protective soup simmering on those stove during cold months.

Nutritional factor

There are lots of versions of immune boosting soups that can be made at home for your loved ones. We do not go through a winner with no pot of vegan barley soup on the stove virtually every week. This soup can be a corner stone of a healthy winter diet, something to help protect us from colds and influenza. So it takes about 5-7 minutes to place the ingredients in a large pot (quick and easy), and then takes approximately two hours to simmer until the barley is tender and all ingredients are inserted to a delicious broth.

It’s best to cook this sort of soup or day when you’re at home doing anything else, but can keep your eye on the stove. This soup is made vegan style, without a meat bone, broth or other animal products. You could however if you wanted put in a soup bone to it, depending on where you or your loved ones are in lifestyle habits and food choices. Recent best seller, “The China Study” Maintaining a 35 year study on effects of diet on , makes excellent observations on a diet very low in animal products.

Dis you know?

It demonstrated that all degenerative diseases could be reversed or prevented with a tiny amount of animal foods in the diet, maximum 7 percent (believe egg-drop soup). If you’re still consuming meat and wish to set a soup bone in it, then go ahead! Just be certain that you add all of the “Super ” ingredients together with it. Even better, if you attempt it vegan-style, you will be surprised at how incredibly delicious the broth is due to a concentration of savory ingredients! This soup is also a great if you are on a budget as it’s very inexpensive to create.

Fill large soup pot to about half full with 3 quarts . Also add another quart of water or anything needed to maintain a great deal of broth cooking in the soup. Now, we’ve got a excellent pot of”Mom’s Vegan Barley Soup” with an aroma that’s out of the world. It’s been shown that we get protective qualities only in the herbs simmering on the stove, by the odor that fills the air.