This report discusses the use of glutamine in curing the gut and intestines, fighting cancer, improving muscle mass and strengthening the . The most prominent and popular amino acid within the body. The principal source of energy to the entire immune system. The principal food for cells which line and protect the whole digestive tract. A crucial fuel used by the muscles for repair and function.

A significant amino acid used by the liver to detox toxins in the bloodstream. One of the chief components of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) manufacture, regular cell division and normal cell function. Among the principal elements of all healing and tissue repair. Is involved in overall brain function, mood management, and higher cognitive functioning.

Without glutamine there’s absolutely not any generation of immune cells. This was found in the 1950’s when scientists tried to develop any of those immune cells in a petri dish in the absence of glutamine. No glutamine, no development of immune cells. This was the first time researchers started to realize exactly how critical glutamine was to the immune system. Studies have proven that people suffering from overactive and “self defeating” autoimmune disorders (multiple sclerosis, SLE, Lou Gerhrig’s Disease) create an excessive amount of cytokine chemicals, which can be utilised to track down and toxin invaders.

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Too much cytokines attack and ruin decent tissue creating and pain. Autoimmune disorder patients consequently have chronically low levels of glutamine in their blood because this over active generation. When glutamine is given to them, their symptoms subside because glutamine is a chief part of liver generated glutathione, which balances cytokine production. GABA, that is the one which melts down, or inhibits nerve impulses which is created of glutamine. Without glutamine that there would be no , which says everything.


It was found to inhibit the to alcohol. There was a mark decrease in the desire to drink when glutamine was consumed at a rate of 1 g daily in two divided doses on an empty stomach with 50 mg. Glutamine enhanced brain function in patients exhibiting depression and loss after experiencing strokes. Low levels of glutamine were found in depressed patients throughout a big study on the causes of depression. 85 percent of patients reported brighter moods and improved appetites during the research.

One glutamine supplementation has been stopped, symptoms returned. In children with confirmed low IQ levels, glutamine enhanced their capability to grasp information and assimilate and retain factual information. There’s much, much more I could write about the benefits of glutamine. If you’re going to go into operation discuss glutamine supplementation (on your fluids bag) along with your physician to ward off postoperative infections and accelerate healing. At this writing, this might already been standard practice as it started years ago at Harvard Medical Center. If you’re undergoing chemo or radiation for cancer, talk glutamine with your health care provider before using it. Again, the Harvard Medical Center and University has the best collection of scientific information on the benefits of glutamine during cancer (particularly tumor regression) and postoperative .