It’s understood that we need appropriate foods with balanced nutrients to the order of our body’s immune system to operate and to stay healthy till old age. The immune system function may be in lack or even surplus in our body can cause shorten life. As this may happen if we leave unattended, immune deficiency in our body will be too feeble to ward off the attack of diseases, whilst when immune in surplus means that our body is over-reacting to the assault of foreign representatives; when this occurs, the immune system ought to be reduced.


In contemporary western nutritional system, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, are the five supplements for the lack ailments. When the immune is in surplus, then surgery, drugs and radiations will be used to fix it to live healthily means to free yourself from these control of based on the western . For example, it’s doubtful that an individual will have longevity life after undergoing organ transplantation or chemotherapy (for ) or being placed on a hypertensive drug permanently to be able to survive.

Although deficiency diseases play an essential role in the natural process, surgery, and drugs are almost powerless in improving the body’s immune function to fix them. In less known expertise, itself can improve the body’s immune system and it is called tonic foods. There are four types of common food tonics that could strengthen the body’s immune function.

Lo sapevi?

Among the food tonics that could strengthen the body’s immune system are energy, blood, yin and yang tonics. The many categories of food tonics bear a similarity to the five kinds of nutrients tagged by Western scientist. All the tonics are intended to correct a specific deficiency. This functions like just as a specific is helpful to the body that’s suffering from a particular deficiency.

Therefore, in choosing foods in your search for a better healthy life, there’s one fundamental concept that’s helpful to bear in mind; Whether or not a given food contributes to healthy life essentially depends upon if your body needs it. Therefore in this way, if the body does not need them, such nutrients could be more detrimental than good to health.